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  1. adding Buford to the mix would probably rip a hole in the space time continuum

  2. I mean better than promoting transgender and other harmful things. But still very odd and set in an annoying pattern.

  3. how is “transgender” harmful? it’s literally just an identity, how in any way is that harmful?

  4. i would play all of my music in front of him i think he’d be pretty chill about it

  5. She wanted to feel special trying to see if the filter would put pansexual , lesbian, bi or whatever, instead she mad because she ain't "special"

  6. i don’t even know wtf cyberpunk is i immediately thought of the lego movie

  7. Their dad was obviously very homophobic. These are the dangerous effects of internalized ‘phobia. This shit goes deep.

  8. 327 shots of straight vodka is okay! it doesn’t quite get me to my limit but sometimes it works!

  9. final destination and betty boop. is this like the six degrees of kevin bacon? if so, connect grace phipps and kevin bacon.

  10. as someone who was born in between two different miscarriages, this is so fucking stupid.

  11. cis is short for cisgender! it means that you align with the gender you were assigned at birth/your sex! a “terf” is a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. they believe that trans women are not actual women and exclude them in their “feminism.” (it’s not actual feminism because feminism includes the equality of everyone, including trans women because they are women too)

  12. i really thought that this was about to be a wholesome yuri :(

  13. over hill over dale we will hit the dusty trail and the caissons go rolling along in and out hear them shout countermarch and right about and the caissons go rolling along

  14. all of these comments are so incredibly helpful!!! thank you all so much for giving me pointers!!!

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