1. Love lots of Asian dishes.. mostly the Chinese from the buffets and lots of Filipino dishes too.. but often other Asian culture’s foods can be yummy also!

  2. Wowzers.. beautiful smile.. sexy boobs.. and I’m not usually a fan of the big boobs either.. big nips.. yup.. brown nips.. yummy.. yours.. oh my!

  3. Doubt it’d take any convincing for anybody.. especially if you suggest it looking that way!

  4. Oh damn.. I love large nips.. don’t care the size of the boob.. just big nips.. yummy!

  5. What an absolutely beautiful face! Now I’m not saying I didn’t notice the rest.. just your face outshines the rest.. breathtaking!

  6. I’d say it’s an amazing feature.. but no way if ever I end up single again.. that I’m able to score a hottie anywhere near what you are.. and you just never know for sure that they are packing the surprise when they do look as amazing as you.. yummy!

  7. No.. leaving it to the imagination is always best.. unless ya got a gorgeous face and ginormous nipples?

  8. Absolutely.. especially your smile.. now the small boobs are amazing too.. but I’ve always been a face guy first.. especially since bodies change whereas faces seem to stay beautiful!

  9. Well at least you can have fun watching my video 😋

  10. Girls deserve them.. just glad I’m able to share them here since I’m anonymous haha.. I never have guts to tell a girl anything in person or anywhere they’d know who I was!

  11. Thanks babe!! I hope you love that secret of mine 🥰😈😈😘

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