1. Honestly I don't blame the bff. It sounds like either there is more to the story of your fiance isn't being honest

  2. But if they've been together for 8 years why hasn't she worked with her current fiance in the bedroom to improve their sex life so he is the better one. Like after 8 years surely you've gotten to know each other enough that you can talk, explore together, find what's best for both of you? Or are they both just that incompatible?

  3. I understand she wanted her husband there but she clearly told her he couldn't be there. She should have left him alone. They could have discussed it later if it upset her so much.

  4. I think oops wife is valid in her anger and oop is valid in his feelings. I imagine if I found out my husband has "strong feelings" towards me in certain situations and the marriage was already on the ricks I would be very upset. But also oop is seeking therapy and is allowed to be angry and all this. Both are valid and I think they haven't been compatible or happy for a long long time. It's time to stop trying to make things work because of what you might lose and split up and find happiness. Being in an unhappy marriage will ruin both of peoples mental health and that can't be good for the child

  5. In the comments she said the stress of it all was making her hard to be around and in other comments she said she had been putting off going to the police like her husband wants to. I imagine the husband would be getting impatient by now I know I would be fuming at my partner if they kept putting off going to the authorities when my child was in danger

  6. I hope she has a camera installed at her home to keep record when he drops off gifts and also to have the daycare record any sightings of him

  7. There are people of color who enjoy race play and who find it to be empowering and healing for themselves as they're ultimately in full control of the situation.

  8. There is nothing empowering about race play and feeding in to the racist fantasies of a white man. That's like joining the KKK to gain the upper hand.

  9. Your ex "friend" posted a rebuttal to your Redditt post on TikTok. Here is her version of events.

  10. It seems like she's been this way forever. Who becomes not just friends, but best friends with someone who basically harrassed them into socializing with them?

  11. It really wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. Idk why people keep bringing up how we became friends. She was just loud and outgoing and inwasnt going to talk to her first so she made the first move. It really wasn't that bad! We were 16!!!

  12. Apologies, I assumed too much. :-( Hope you're doing well.

  13. No it's all good. It just seems to be a part of the story everyone has clung too when I think it really was innocent and even cute

  14. girl, you should expose them on social networks for being both immersed traitors and breaking up the relationship, no one should do that to their best friend, much less to their partner.

  15. No I'm not in the mood to turn everyone against them. I think being angry like that would keep my attention on them. I need to leave and move on, focus on me and prioritise me 😊 then I can be happy

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