1. We r something called perfectionist when it comes to fellow redditors post .

  2. officer: sir we need to check your stuff......this is a hand drawn map of Europe. Did you draw this sir? OP: yes I did Officer:sir you are under arrest for true American is good at geography. It has been constituted by law!!

  3. Well I checked it's 119inr = 1.45usd for 1 month in india. How much is it there?

  4. They are tired of Hind speaking Biharis arguing about price when they are trying their best to articulate themselves in Hind and the bihari wants him to talk crystal bihari... Seen this way too many times so street vendors avoid them. Most north Indians in general avoid trying to talk in regional languages (of what I have seen any way).

  5. Windows is proprietary spyware shit....prove me wrong! Mac os is just as shit with extra money

  6. Yaaa even I don't know how to deal with these. These ads started popping recently on my vanced app as well. I just accepted them as the fall of the great app.

  7. I started getting em too. So I redownloaded ytv from the vanced manager and every ad was gone.... Don't know for how long it will last but give it a try. ;-)

  8. Then fanboys start saying if you don’t like it you can install an ad blocker

  9. That's the reason y Islam is hated where as many other religions treck peacefully

  10. Tried to give speech and fuked up real hard in front of the whole school

  11. My college cs batch has only 150 students and only good thing about my college is greenary, mountains and good placement department. Internet says my college is tier-3 and it is less than 20 years old and it isn't in nirf ranking.

  12. In Telangana also Singular - goti Plural - gotilu

  13. Ik, that's why India has built much better relations with many countries and especially France. Currently, France is the best friend of India.

  14. Bro even though France has become a good ally today. It's in times of crisis when a true friend shines and knowing Europeans in general we can't trust them. If 200 years of colonial rule has taught us something then it's that the white form alliance and bait out conflict among others then blame them for provocation and play proxy wars.

  15. Well we can't do much other than to wait and see which side we lean on then.... Back to square one i guess

  16. Exactly distrotube let's see the wallpapers. Let's run htop it takes 1 gb of ram and runs gnome ridiculous.

  17. (Am new to linux) soo...of what am seeing here youtube isn't a efficient source for learning? there a good place where I will be introduced to new tools and mechanics without being boreing cuz i twiggle around with linux to get away from studying....

  18. Created with a locally running instance of the Stable Diffusion model & upscaled 4x from the original with the RealESRGAN_4xplus model.

  19. Yo op the images are really good looking and dark.Can you make some pics with bright sunlight in open areas like calm breeze during summer it will change the vibe a lot :)

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