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  1. plus its had 99 long ball playstyle i dont use it 🤦🏻‍♂️ worth to level up ?

  2. Yeah… 😂single-handedly keeping the game alive I guess

  3. but its in match roles, i selected the captain option. so how do i know captaincy points ?

  4. ATM no way to do this. Try to select automatic selection and the game pick the highest player among the starters

  5. but how do i know what playing style active at what position? i simply think it actives on the player's main position (like position on its card).

  6. base Van Dijk have the highest QC = 80. Thus you can spend remaining progression points for his stats

  7. yes, CF n AM can become F9 as long as play as SS

  8. Kimmich is a Right Back ? I always tought he was a dmf

  9. i wont take it if they made an option for that 🙄

  10. Don't worry he went to buy some milk, he will come back

  11. Mofos changing button positions, now I can't even shoot most of the time it's pass button I touch , imagine 1v1 with GK and passing it backwards 😵

  12. yes and the buttons are unresponsive too....................

  13. It (the nutmeg itself) usually stresses the heart and make difficult to breath. You probably are suffering more from paranoia (nutmeg causes it) than any real risk. Unless you ingested an abusive amount you can relax.

  14. should i keep vomiting, i just purposely vomit durian n pizza that i just ate

  15. No need to vomit. If you can keep food on your stomach it will soften the coffee effect. The amount of nutmeg is quite safe. Ingest water too (a health amount) to avoid dehydration which can worsen the bad nutmeg effects.

  16. i feel hard to breathe, like my nose it blocked idk

  17. Wouldnt combining black pepper with the nut be dangerous asf?

  18. oh yeah, but as far as i'm concerned nutmeg is a poor maoi.

  19. Mugwort placed in a sachet under your pillow has the same effect ☯️🥳

  20. is it like spiritually or scientifically works ?

  21. they are beautiful 🤩 plus i like your photography

  22. sometimes on a lot higher doses it does for me

  23. how potent is your seed ? preferably whole nuts and look for dark color and oily nuts. if its potent you might want to go lower since you never tried weed and its your 1st time. you could always be safe and try again next time.

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