1. Call me crazy but how about a CMIYC 3G. Part 1 on the tread then part 2 on the rower!

  2. This post led me to rejoining Facebook. I'm glad to see nothing but positivity from my studio, the same positivity that I see on other platforms. We are blessed to have such a good group. It was also nice to see how other people are doing. Crazy how time changes life and perspective.

  3. I feel like per-studio FB groups will be pretty different than generic groups filled with strangers. It's the anonymity that usually breeds toxic behavior. "Usually", being the operative word. 😅

  4. Download Fitraido! Depending on your studio franchise, they will either use that, rockmyrun, Spotify or SoundCloud for their playlists!

  5. At my studio the costumes chosen are never really conducive to working out. I could see coloured shirt days but full costumes and you sweat in them? Yuck. No one barely participates outside of the coaches and staff.

  6. I just take layers or the entire costume off when it's time for class. Not working out in a Santa suit...

  7. Oh that makes sense. At our studio you don't really go early, they like only 10 minutes or so as it is super small in the entrance area.

  8. Gotcha. I'm not in the first class so I can show up a little early. Our entrance area is small too so I usually hang out outside, but when I catch the bug and dress up I'll go inside and have some fun. I didn't always participate in spirit week-type events in younger years but I get a kick out of them these days... Especially as I get to know the coaches, staff and members better.

  9. Game changer. I don't want to workout without them now. Loop Experience Pro reduces decibels but not so much that you can't talk to people or enjoy the music.

  10. I take my time and get one or two sets in. I also go 4-5+ days per week so I figure I'm getting enough sets of everything as the classes add up. Sometimes I get motivated and pick up a barbell at home but not often.

  11. Something messed with one of my knees this week. It hurt to squat later in the week and I am careful with squat form. I felt pain right when I got to 90 degrees. It is about that time for new shoes though.

  12. I'd probably take the 60 minute class after the relay to be fresher in the relay. If this isn't an option, your idea seems fine too. Sometimes I actually perform better in a second class.good luck and enjoy!

  13. I think I'm still tired from DriTri weekend and from work this week but glad I went to the 3G. I took it at my own pace today and loved lifting on the floor.

  14. Good 3G today. Glad I started on the rower! I did the floor with one set of weights and just slowed down on some of the exercises. My knee was bugging me a little anyway so I just focused on form during squats. PW the tread in the orange and red. Good music by our coach today! Definitely PW to the beat. Love it.

  15. Thanks, DC. I was so excited about the floor until you said no rest! The exercises look great, but I'd rather lift heavier and rest. Oh well

  16. Extremely rough - but I made it through and felt mostly great..... A while later 😂

  17. My big mistake when doing this a few weeks ago was running that first segment at 10%. I was wiped out for the rest of it. Going to power walk the first two or three segments.

  18. I'm glad you wrote this because I was kind of wanting to go harder out of the gate but I went a little below base and it was still a challenging block!

  19. I love run/rows and enjoyed this 2G. For those wondering if you will finish, I had to drop my normal base, ran between 6-7 mph and just finished my last row before the 30s AO at the end. Enjoy this ridiculous run/row!

  20. This was my last class (canceled membership)... but am considering paying for single class for this repeat 🙈

  21. I had a really great time with this workout! The only downside was my instructor absolutely hated everything about this workout and voiced his frustrations, often. Once or twice that's okay with me, but it felt like every 5 minutes he voiced something new that he hated about the workout, the playlist, OTF in general, etc. Real Debbie downer.

  22. 37:22. I ran it next to one of the coaches at our studio because they had an open spot in the heat. He nearly killed me. He ran it in 35:00. Awesome to be pushed to the limit. The Dri Tri is a great community event for OTF. So much support from staff and participants. Good luck to everyone doing it!! 51yo male. 6’3” 205.

  23. Does anybody know- are the results of the Dri Tri recorded in the challenge tracker? I see a space for it, but my past ones aren't in there- wondering if they are just too old.

  24. Yes they are as long as the studio enters them. Our coaches logged our times and entered them after class.

  25. Absolutely I did. But then after a couple of minutes everyone is at a different spot in the workout anyway so it’s hard to say who is really fast vs not as fast. Just remember that being fast doesn’t mean you’re a better OTF’er! You’re just in a different spot as your neighbor.

  26. This is a great point. I try to take the lead during certain classes/blocks and I definitely lose track...

  27. Aside from the scale, has your body composition improved? Do you notice clothing getting looser or anything? The scale is only one metric.

  28. Diet will be 90% of what drives your fat loss, get that right and any type of activity will suffice.

  29. My first DriTri is on the books. My studio had tequila shots ready for us when we got done!

  30. I would like to participate in dritri, but the dates do not work for me. What should I do ?

  31. Someone at our studio asked if he could do it by himself sometime since he will be away for the weekend. Not sure of the outcome. This is studio dependent. Check with your studio manager or head coach.

  32. I agree on the outside walks! I recently had a life altering injury and it has made it so I can’t run (or even jog). Before, I was going hard at OTF 5-6 days a week. Mostly for the mental part- the endorphins are so addicting! The injury forced me to ease off as much as I hated it..but it helped me realize I don’t need to go as hard to feel good.

  33. Your edit put the fear in me. Were there warning signs? I've had sciatica creeping up from OTF. I've never had sciatica issues in the past.

  34. I will say this. Long rows flare up my sciatica. When we were all 3GS after the pandemic shut down, it crept back up. During shutdown, none. I was taking 3GS before we shut down in 2020 and I was having issues. None before OTF. So the long rows and frequent rowing that happens in the 3Gs definitely exasperates it.

  35. I mostly do 3G's these days and I never linked it to the rower until this week. I took a few days off, went Monday, did my normal 1,000 meter slow warmup, then went harder during class. I felt my sciatic nerve on both sides. I'm thinking that it may be from reaching forward too much. I reached forward a little extra during the 200m row and it worked well, but since then I've been doing the same on all rows. This may be causing me to round my back. Going to stop this for a bit and see what happens.

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