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  1. I think someone got to the party a couple years late.

  2. The way they just brushed of my claim of mold left a bad taste in my mouth. Fuck klutch.

  3. Negative but if I was in a position bad enough to where I considered buying it, I wouldn't think twice about grabbing it and saving my momey.

  4. Come smell this jar of big head and tell me it's not mold.

  5. It's crazy how many top tier fighters break down so fast.

  6. I emailed them and they're insisting that the mold I'm testing is in fact the flower profile. I've spent thousands with this brand with never one complaint, and now this...

  7. Yeah I found 2 seeds. Real good high though.

  8. Sticky buns. Has the most flavor and great buzz. The mush Mintz was alright but haven't tried that firelands yet either.

  9. Fuck you for just recording this shit, help that man out #pussies

  10. Every last one of these guys beat Shaq in there prime or today.

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