1. $300k is probably total compensation, not salary. Total compensation would include benefits like 401k matches, health insurance, etc.

  2. Yeah no. TC = salary + bonus + equity

  3. When its a big pull and 4-5 explosives spawn simultaneously-> the healer needs help

  4. I think hard carry might be overstating it. This is from a 22 TJS this week (eg tyrannical) on Lorewalker (eg everyone standing in efflo the entire fight) with 100% lifebloom uptime. Verdancy was 6k HPS.

  5. Dont have logs, but on the 2nd boss of +20 COS this week Wild Growth was my top healing source and verdancy was second. The verdancy healing was around 1.7 mil. “Carrying” in the sense that it is free healing that doesn’t require really any effort to obtain. My #2 healing source on a stacked fight from a single talent is pretty good imo.

  6. To be clear I think it's great... I just don't think it's a very good lever to pull to tune rdruid m+ performance. Outside of TJS and CoS second bosses there's not a heap of fights this tier where everyone can stay perfectly stacked and with the amount of visual clutter and ground swirlies, there's not a lot of trash either. Flamewreathe in CoS is overall a bad example because Verdancy is just overhealing there — all of the damage is form burning intensity which is choreographed and 4pc swiftmended wild growth will always be your top healing. Verdancy will be high on raw HPS and low in effective healing because the procs will happen mostly outside of incoming damage windows.

  7. I disagree. tree boss AA, 1st and 2nd boss RLP, 2nd and 3rd boss COS, the entire ring of trash in RLP after the 1st boss, RLP trash after 2nd boss, 2nd and 3rd boss HOV, the majority of the trash in TJS, etc. Especially with a melee heavy meta.

  8. Is that really the play? Trading one less CD use for a ~75% damage buff to one window seems mathematically wrong

  9. It depends on the CD. 1 min and less CDs can be used on pull and the damage phase. 2 min snd more should be held for the damage phase

  10. It would just depend on the fight time.

  11. Right but this isn’t accounting for once you do the first dunk the fight becomes harder for everyone and your groups dps and hps will be lower (esp if you have two ranged). Spending less time in the fire and wind phase is ridiculously valuable. Going into a 75% damage phase with no CDs on a fight that becomes progressively harder is really bad.

  12. No. I don’t think the character development or world building is as strong.

  13. Finding it a tough week so far given that:

  14. Only bad mages are squishy, they are after warlock, the second most tanky rdps.

  15. Right but “second tankiest rdps” is still not close to how tanky the majority of the melee are. Alter time is harder to execute than simply pressing Feint/Diffuse Mage/Blur. This isn’t even taking into account that rogues and WW have versatility as one of their main stats.

  16. I’m pretty sure no one is asked for no valor cap on day 1. There is a middle group between uncapping valor on day 1 and uncapping valor on week 6.

  17. So I do think there is something to be said for having dungeons that are in different tiers for the sake of making M+ slightly more approachable. I honestly feel they've been fairly responsive to the dungeon difficulty. NO, TJS, and AA in particular are now significantly easier to time and the mobs are less punishing. AV is similar to HOV In that its long, lots of trash, an unforgiving timer, and difficult bosses on tyrannical that may require a significant comp. In particular I am really enjoying NO and AA.

  18. I think I prefer ruby to jade honestly. It's hard and a lot of healing but there is just some serious bs in jade. That last trash pack is just absurd

  19. All of the damage in jade is able to be countered or avoided. The damage in ruby is not.

  20. The consequences of not clearing are significantly worse than the lost dps of clearing early.

  21. I’ve left my own keys before. TJS wiped three times to the first boss because the dps kept dying. I said “gg thanks for coming nice try”. I just ran that key again at a lower level with a new group and we were able to finish.

  22. Both. At high keys, certain classes have a hard enough time surviving so high ilvl helps them live.

  23. They don’t do anything though. Just run to the next pack.

  24. Ok, I need little bit of help here.

  25. How many stacks do you have going into each storm? In between storms there is damage from the circles and soaking orbs does damage. Don't use your major CDs in-between storms unless its an emergency. Aggressively gather orbs, as a druid its stupid easy. In between storms its pretty standard group damage. Keep double LB up, rejuves, and wild growth. Also yeah that comp sounds TERRIBLE, two of the squishiest DPS out there between the hunter and the shaman.

  26. How do I troubleshoot an AIO cooler. I've been running into my CPU shutting off from overtemp. I tried to reapply thermal paste, started it in safe mode the AIO pump is running and so are the cpu fans. Is my cooler just dead? Or how can I determine if I need a new cooling unit?

  27. The cast rate of this ability is slower than your dispel CD. Just dispel it when its applied, that's it.

  28. Then just respond "kick X or you die". This idea that you should be taking the blame for missed kicks...aint it. Stand up for yourself.

  29. Yes, but if it’s a port call never in uniform.

  30. Their burst is fine because the burst they are extremely easy to kill.

  31. Aw that kinda sucks. LFR is literally my favorite coloration this tier but I want to get aotc this tier and push keys to have mythic level tier sets. But if I have the piece of gear at a higher ilvl I can no longer roll for it? Like I only go into lfr for the transmog and now what would be the point? I guess I gotta level my alt of the same class and just never get a tier piece higher ilvl… kind of annoying.

  32. Use the catalyst for transmog, probably faster.

  33. Only healer. If I want to do damage I would just play DPS.

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