1. I’m assuming the last line of the book is something like ‘and then I took a sip of my espresso looking out over the blue crisp waters of Positano and realized everything, including me was going to be OK, no- better than OK- magical.

  2. so… LA (Amanda), NYC (Amanda), Canton OH (mom and dad and also LOL), Houston….???

  3. Amanda went to a concert the other day and posted it and I think it’s her birthday coming up and then Anna magically appears! It’s like she gets jealous that her sister is going to concerts and living her life because another time Amanda posted she was at a concert, Anna showed up a few days after that as well. All Anna does is marvel at the Eiffel Tower go to flea markets, Go to dinner, Talk about her book, talk about the things that she found in flea market, Talk about a croissant or a baguette that her boyfriend bought for her or the fact that he put toothpaste on her toothbrush that day or that he made salad dressing out of mustard. And repeat. Oh! And Butter. She loves butter.

  4. I wonder if she reads here and if she we’re to read all this I’d it would make her even think for a second . Doubtful . Probably lacks all self awareness just like her sis.

  5. Right?! But watch, as soon as she is back - there is a post talking about how there is no other place she’d rather be and that she is heart broken every single time she has to leave her kids.

  6. Lol fair! I realized I cropped her name out after posting. It’s Michaela, Arielle Charnas’s sister

  7. Because she “misses” her family too much and she has the hardest life than anyone ever.

  8. I couldn’t agree more with them on this. I travel every week for work and LGA is a nightmare. I never check in my bag, carpeting the whole airport makes it super hard to roll the bag. I am with them on this, they all travel a lot - so I get the pain.

  9. I hope somehow you can make it through rolling your bags on carpet. Do you need a gofundme started? I can’t imagine what you’re going through

  10. You have been to the airport, what 3 times in 10 years? Sure!

  11. Nuuly! I am not buying any new clothes till I hit my goal weight, so I just rent it.

  12. Lmao I took a screenshot of this and came here. I want to meet these ppl who ask her how to cook rice.

  13. She is the worst. With that terrible smile frolicking around on free trips with her sister who also annoys me. Go away Anna, you are nothing special

  14. Lol she is so basic. I felt real bad for her sister when the husband died, but the way she has milked it is unreal.

  15. I tried this once and had to lug my bags around with me all day because you still have a check out time at wherever you’re staying. 0/10

  16. I just leave my bags with the valet/luggage room and do what I like for rest of the day. The obviousness of this “tip” just blew my mind.

  17. Just a towel usually and sometimes I leave my panties on

  18. Ugh I’m in the same boat and having no luck. I have one shot left and nervous about how I’m gonna do for the next month. Pillpack, Capsule, CVS and Walgreens all on back order.

  19. Absolutely, will do. While I was at the CVS 2 other people walked by and even Ozempic and Wegovy seem to be back ordered. It’s wild!!

  20. Lmao I just came here to post this! Haha. She is ridic.

  21. She needs to move back to nyc to get some personality. Also she should fire the person doing her Botox/fillers, she literally looks like a different person.

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