1. nice but ethereum is nuts considering that NFT is boomin rn

  2. I have like 0.2 eth, just nervous about it's future with current TXN fee issues...

  3. im so sorry to hear that. but if i were ur bf, id be really sad if u commit suicide.

  4. I'll be praying to gacha gods for you

  5. im genuinely sorry for what is happening to you, hope you'll find the strength to overcome.

  6. do u think i can help in any way, generally speaking

  7. your existence is appreciated, sir. thx for being with us

  8. He bugs me, he hurts me, he emotionally & psychically abuses me and he’s even picked me up and threatened to throw me across the room 4 hitting him in self - defence and he’s even pushed into the garbage can & has thrown me on the floor and spit in my face and even threatened to have me jumped if I didn’t give him money to repair his great grandmothers neck chain that I had broken 2 distract him from retraining me 2 my bed and repeatedly punching me in the face

  9. i honestly dont understand ur actions, it seems rather a not so good way of taking it n thus i had sum up that this isn't going anywhere

  10. you have the ability to change it and prove it to them. believe in yourself

  11. communicate. try to find out the cause of the problem. n then try to find a solution to that problem. it isn't simple ik. but i wouldn't recommend reaching out to her parents or smth like that unless she trusts em. you should build a bond with her, gain her trust in other words. then try to convince her that you would try to help. this will help her calm down a bit. let her cry over ur shoulders. hug her when she is crying. this will show that someone cares thus lowering the possibility of suicide. also, think before u say anything as she's prob in a really sensitive state where even a small thing can trigger panic attacks n mental breakdowns. that's it, goodluck

  12. you got someone here, id be delighted to help

  13. invest in bitcoin, tesla, google. you'd find urself making profits

  14. That’s how I used to be in high school. My feelings of anxiety and fear were brief. I remember when I was young I would cry, but only for several seconds. When I had a panic attack I would breath fast and freak out... but not longer than several seconds.

  15. have yet to understand what emotions feels like

  16. Am curious what is it like to be friends with a socio

  17. yea i relate tbh it feels like im goin crazy

  18. i’m 17 and i want you to know you’re not alone, i’ve struggled with this too and i promise you’re not crazy. i think this is more common than we think, you don’t need to be in a mental hospital you just need someone to talk to. you deserve for someone to really listen to you and think that will come to you eventually, we have so much time left in life, please stick around to find the people that will really listen

  19. ive been there. believe in urself n stay strong. improvise, adapt, overcome.

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