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  1. I guess me cussing about why I’m taught sanskrit instead of being taught how to spend money has spread

  2. Man i saw you in pink square i think. You match the description. It was around 3-4 days back i think. I did notice a couple ppl pointing out your style. Dw they’re just overwhelmed

  3. Sorry i don't have any answers to your question. But does Australia accept 3yr degree for masters?

  4. It does. I just have to pay my fees at this point. Just wanted to utilise these 4 months so i posted this it’s cool

  5. You can do an internship in the mean time. Do some certifications with it too or continue working under your dad.

  6. What’s a good source to look out for internships? Do i Just try on linkedin and internshala? Yeah, I’ve been thinking of picking a course.

  7. Depends on your career goals. Marketing and project management are always popular. Supply chain management is also a strong choice, in the sense that logistics and financing is a specialty in itself.

  8. How is business analysis usually perceived? Also, i think project management would be a core subject in my mim degree

  9. You can try putting your clothes out for him, but ultimately it does become a waiting game. I don’t want to tell you to give up, but the world is a dangerous place for kitties and you just never know. Keep trying local shelters and asking neighbors- post some “lost” signs with his picture.

  10. We don’t have any shelters nearby but i think I’ll make a couple posters and spread them around the colony with my contact info, thanks.

  11. Best of luck, mate. I hope your friend comes back. Going out walking can help too- getting your scent around the area. If he is just out wandering, cats can traverse upwards of 5 acres for their “territory”.

  12. He has sprayed my entire colony tbh xD I’ve seen him do it from a distance. I think he just might have gotten some place far. If that’s the case then i think he will come back, what could be worse is if someone took him home.

  13. 2k ultra. Awesome graphics, but to be honest the game was a bit boring.

  14. Any way of checking it anyways? Some websites or anything?

  15. What a boss woman. I like how you’re just going on with your busy day and he’s following you around.

  16. Though it’s nice to have it but if I remember correctly, the 360 one wasn’t that good because i loved the driving and sliding in rains which was present only in xb1 version. Still, good to have something than nothing. :D

  17. It's worth nothing that this doesn't appear to be FH2 but just the standalone DLC. Your comment seems to read like you think this is FH2 but I may be wrong on that.

  18. That’s what I thought, so it’s just the dlc version?

  19. I'm sorry that you're feeling like this. Honestly I have crazy anxiety too. Even if I'm around my friends, I'm always feeling so stressed and anxious about every little thing I do or say. Eye contact's difficult for me too. It's a terrible feeling and I'm sorry you're going through it. It's good that you're working to improve this behavior, though. If you ever wanna vent or talk, feel free to reach out

  20. A friend of mine takes anxiety pills for it but it’s not advisable to do so without prescription. There was a time i came across a post of a 40 year old guy asking people with social anxiety to get it tackled or it’s gonna get worse if not better over time. That scares me sometimes.

  21. I assume you're referring to the stuff about students and skilled migrants? Yep, I think this is unlikely to change as this has been the status quo since ~2017. I think the government has seen much better outcomes prioritising students who've lived and worked in specific states, so they're unlikely to change what's working for them

  22. Thank you so much for replying, didn’t think you would considering it wasn’t posted recently. :)

  23. Can i expect good performance in 1050 3gb and 16 gigs ram. I have i5 9 too

  24. 100%. It's federally funded and all Aussie unis and the majority of other Higher Education providers participate in the student surveys.

  25. Just wanted to know if it’s still active because it was showing the data for 2019

  26. you can do the same thing with your first two fingers.. just put your mouth on your fingers while you are holding the joint and inhale it will pull the smoke from your j without touching it.

  27. Guess the hard drive needs to be destroyed now.

  28. Instructions unclear, computer stuck at logo and I’m typing this sitting at a cybercafe now

  29. unrelated. im a bit of old guy nowadays i guess. is qbit what everyones using nowadays? still using utorrent and its ass lol

  30. Qbit is what’s preferred because there were some reports about utorrent and bittorrent that i cannot remember anymore

  31. They’re only there for the mission. By the time you got back to camp they had despawned.

  32. But the fact that the basement was still open was a good touch

  33. Heck my Bluetooth and sound wont work in windows 11. Shifted to 10 last week myself and it’s like my laptop is alive again

  34. Bad idea. India isn’t all curry, yoga and dancing, despite what Indians and movies may tell you.

  35. This reply is the reason why i have trust issues when it comes to getting advices from someone f2f. Even if you had been wrong about something, someone would’ve corrected you and you couldn’t have summed it up better. I hope OP follows this.

  36. I second this, first time seeing a post where someone wants to come from us to india and that too for a job. there’s a reason so many people try to get out of India every year and it is to have better jobs and living conditions comparatively.

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