1. No, just not out of a standard power bank that you'd use to charge a phone. Which is what ive been doing

  2. Yeah it doesn’t work. I think it’s because it believes it’s the boot drive since it used to be one, but in actuality it’s the D: drive and has no correlation to the actual boot drive. So it stops me from cleaning it and have no clue to how fix it

  3. I know this is a old post but how did you get it to move like that? Is it part of the create mod?

  4. Wandering if you were able to fix the problem. I am currently having disconnects after an average of 10 to 15 minutes playtime. Commenting here as it seems to be the most recent on my search.

  5. Hey mate, I know it’s been like 30 days since you commenting but I did kinda fix it, it wasn’t a issue with the game, I updated my WiFi drivers, and it helped but I do still disconnect occasionally. All I can say is try messing around with your internet settings in windows, not much can be done in game from my experience. It’s annoying but I’ve looked everywhere and still can’t find a solid reason over disconnecting constantly

  6. It was the colour of the crystal, I saw blue one and a white one so far

  7. I’m assuming you don’t want caps, 10,000 caps is what I’d offer

  8. PCMR and Lian Li joined forces to bring you a very special edition of one of the best cases out there!

  9. I’ve been spending years thinking about joining the PCMR after seeing this potential shown by my friends, and so now I’m saving up to build my own, and while I save I’m learning how to assemble one myself and that’s what I love about PC, the ability to customise your gaming experience with various components wether it be practical or cosmetic. It really allows you express yourself

  10. I found him in grafton by the train station to the east

  11. You can purchase it through gold bullions which is the new end game currency, and the new power armour will most likely be a quest reward

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