1. Assault pistols is the new fake news term. Prepare accordingly.

  2. "The shooter used a semi automatic pistol" 2 seconds later... "BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS"

  3. I have a silver 48. Probably my favorite. Good shooter. Plan on getting the slide cut and nose bobbed but hesitant be I actually like the silver.

  4. Had a shield 9. Have a original P365. Have a 43, 43x and 48. No worse than any of them. I carry the 43 over the P365 because fuck sig sauer I have trust issues with it. It was a O.G. problem gun.

  5. RSA. Mine did it. Replaced RSA and no issues. Only when hand cycling slow. Never when shooting or letting the slide go.

  6. Great for a purse or pocket last ditch defense, but an utterly miserable gun to shoot for sport. If I wanted to hit anything that wasn’t standing in front of me I’d have to put a vicegrip on the barrel 😂

  7. When I got mine I felt the same way. Now. Totally different story. 25yds full size silhouette isn't hard. Have to put the work in.

  8. That was my 1st revolver. It's kind of crude utilitarian but it is one of my most accurate snub noses I have. Since I've gotten a couple of Smith and Weston aluminum frame air weights. I still have the Rock Island and I probably will never get rid of it. Got mine for 200 out the door a while ago. The plastic grips are coming with it are way better than those wood ones so don't judge it by the field with those wood grips on it.

  9. What do you get when cops are stupid and fat? Dumb as a rock but you give them a Gat. In original willy wanka ompa loompa song form.


  11. I know they work great but it's like a mailbox on your glock. I guess it's the future. Lol

  12. When you change your laws before the court slaps you in the face over your unconstitutional laws.

  13. Thanks! I live outside NYC and just wanted to spruce up my old 10/22. Thanks for the information!

  14. I could never justify spending much on a gun that I bought for $199 back in the day. The factory stock works fine for me I guess.

  15. I have a stock 10/22 and one with that stock trigger work, barrel and good scope. Shooting side by side is like comparing a Chevy Cruze to a corvette.

  16. That moment your gun malfunctions and you catch 3 bad guy rounds to the chest and think. It took 3465 rounds before it stopped. I fucking hope you don't carry that in that condition. Honestly. Anyone who does isn't smart. I hope it has a carry twin or that was after a training class. Couple pins pushed out. Backplate removed. Wipe everything off. Clp. Toothbrush. Wipe down again. More clp. Reassemble. Under 5 minutes.

  17. I don't know if you're getting that gun truly clean in 5 minutes, lol

  18. Not white glove inspection clean. Clean enough to eliminate malfunction possibly due to striker, extractor, firing pin block or trigger bar disconnector malfunctions.

  19. Have you typed it on google? I literally did and it shows me hundreds of pages to various of stores, Hell even EBay has ton

  20. Fk you. Should I have to search the fucking internet before I order a part? Really? The listing never had shipping restrictions.

  21. Fucking did that and that cunt with the lacking description came up genius. I was a little quick than your smart ass. Also. I got 2 coming. Same day found a guy who said. I will ship any part necessary to maintain a legal to own forearm. As it should be. If you're afraid to sell legal to own parts get the fuck out of the business and don't claim to be peo 2A.

  22. I find this comical. States like NY want to violate federal drug laws but use the same federal law they violate to enforce other laws. We say you can smoke weed. The federal government said weed and gun use are illegal.

  23. Some might not know. Critical duty and short barrels aren't ideal. Critical defense 115 is the ticket.

  24. Critical duty is actually made for "duty" size pistols and expands l3ss because it's made to penetrate barriers better. It's a duty load. Critical defense is better for CC.

  25. At this point why not just carry a 43X?

  26. Still slimmer at the butt and easier to conceal. I have both.

  27. I got that holster with mine. Jot a huge fan. I carry appendix. Very well made.

  28. My advice. All are good except I had a P320 and wouldn't get another. Had M&Ps and they are nice. Canik is probably the best shooter but haven't owned one. I go to glock. Very simple. I shoot them well and they just work. If possible find a rental place and shoot them first. I've held many guns I thought I loved but didn't like shooting them. Forever I was told glock was crap then shot one. Wish I would have shot a glock first. Seriously try to find a rental place.

  29. Unless you're buying a semi automatic or a pistol all you need is a driver's license.

  30. It will wear fast. I rattle can long guns and know the areas I touch with wear quickly but it's camo so not noticeable.

  31. This looks like it’s already got the trigger job, but you can send an email to Langdon to find out for sure.

  32. Has a black trigger bar. Reflection makes it look silver

  33. If it's a retail LTT it doesn't have the trigger job. Just the D spring. Only the ones from Langdon have the trigger job as a option.

  34. If you don't want what can happen to happen you follow the laws. Plain and simple. I believe he made the correct choice honestly. If you stand in defiance of unconstitutional laws then cower when you are held responsible maybe YOU should just bow to the laws. If it wasn't for beaver folks paying for our freedom we would fucking have it. Freedom isn't free is a thing.

  35. I never said I agree with emailing the cunts. As far as being on the front line. Do you know if I'm willing to be the guy caught or not? No you don't.

  36. I only shot with the wood. Will try with the plastic next time.

  37. The wood is less likely to print but the plastic is comfortable, easier to draw and shoot well. I shoot mine better than my alloy j frames and honestly the taurus M66 6" 357 I had.

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