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  1. Finnaly someone who knows and pay respect to Maurice

  2. Feminine - pink or white skirt Masc - Pink paints, cream pants, white pants or jeans And maybe buy a strawberry cow hat ☺️

  3. I went through the same thing, only yesterday did I finally get a third cookie. You just have to keep praying 😭

  4. YTA. You’re prob the type of guy who uses the ten in one hair wash toothpaste and body spray all in one wash

  5. I play dbd with my friends all the time (15 bucks) I also used to play paladins with friends (it’s free) hope these two games hep ☺️

  6. I think you might like sweet, classic or country lolita. After you figure out what styles you like you need to figure out where to shop from (Some places are a scam so you need to watch out) we have a forms on this subreddit to tell you which websites are scams or not! I would suggest lace market if you’re someone who is TESTING the style and not sure if you’re committed yet. But make sure to get your measurements like waist, bust, shoulders, etc

  7. Wife is def TA but OP def needs to work some things out too. I get she shouldn’t be reading the husbands diary and it’s breaking boundaries but I dont think she was doing it out of evil intent (I think this because she was getting him gifts that he wanted and asking about stuff he was concerned about) STILL she shouldnt be reading it. But OP has the nerve to write about how unattractive she’s becoming while carrying his baby (even of he doesn’t mean it, the wife doesnt know that), even if he doesn’t mean it it’s still messed up. He could have written ANYTHING else. A message to tell her to stop, an fake appointment he has like ANYTHING else. But he choose the most backstabbing one he can think of, MANY MANY wives and girlfriends have the insecurity them becoming unattractive to their partners when their pregnant. So OP def should have handled it better rather then insult his wife. To sum it up wife is TA for reading in the first place but he should have handled it a lil better.

  8. Theres no pity, some events like that black pearl one does have pity though, if you draw like 200 times you’re guarantee one (It wont restart if you get one in between)

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