Lady Dimitrescu made out of beams

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Hearth & Home Spotlights

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  1. Lmao how did you even have enough overhead to screen capture this?

  2. I used Geforce Shadow Play, much better than OBS lol!

  3. How did you make the arched supports for the bridge around the 2:00 minute mark?

  4. Thanks, all this took a lot of time, and I'm not even showing half of my bases there :o

  5. I’ve experienced this in the far east of the dune desert near the caterium node thats out there.

  6. The nodes in top right corner of the desert will have the big crater.

  7. Jace said in a video today that U5 won’t have recipe changes, or new manufacturing buildings.

  8. They might have add the ridable lox to compensate.

  9. Yeah well that will be most annoying part... It's all based on good faith really... We gonna keep an adult only restriction on the server. Most adult people won't be THAT childish I hope. And we will keep a log on discord of who checks in and out of the server at any specific time. This way we can narrow out people once shit hits the fan and eventually ban people from the discord and valheim server... Nothing more we can do i guess

  10. Can't you use the little ward things to make structures only modifiable by the person who built it. Could help with the community buildings you mentioned.

  11. I usually scout the swamp to find all the crypts and then once I find once with a sufficient number of crypts and build a small outpost on the border of the swamp.

  12. If you have a spare computer lying around with a relatively modern cpu and at least 8gb of ram you could use the dedicated server tools and host a server yourself to see how the connection holds with your friends.

  13. Just wanted to say that the waiting music in the live stream is banging.

  14. How sick would it be to move rt 9 underground and actually have a waterfront district rather than a 4 lane highway.

  15. How sick would it be if we all got around in helicopters and didn't need roads at all?

  16. Place is usually pretty busy on nice days I’m surprised you got time alone down there.

  17. All they need is a sort/auto-sort function and it would be fine

  18. This. I don’t see any issue with planning what to craft, grabbing the resources, and then crafting.

  19. The other side of this is grabbing your spare shield and weapon and making a madlad dash across the plains in your skivvies to get your gear back.

  20. Haha I've been there, I was lucky to have my spawn point in a nearby base though. First time I visited the plains I didn't have a portal yet, and it was a long sail to get my gear back.

  21. I agree! Surprisingly I’ve taken her all over Connecticut and haven’t had anybody ever say anything negative. I have this one but switched to a comfort pad they sell as an accessory:

  22. Have you ever tried testing to see if your dog listens to your commands as well as when not wearing the ecollar?

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