1. Bought Keycult No.1 Rev.2 from

  2. Sold Keycult No.1 Rev.2 to

  3. Price check on GMK Alter Base Kit

  4. Have you got them? If so, how do they fit?

  5. I need some help, I am a shoe size US 13 and I ordered some of these in a size 46. Will they fit or will they be too small?

  6. Hello, I have a quick question as I am wondering if anyone knows what kind of plate I should use in my Keycult No. 1 Rev. 2? I will be using either lubed creamsicles or lubed NK creams and I like more of a higher pitch poppy noise. I am stuck between using a brass plate or an aluminum plate. I have watched so many videos on this board using these two kinds of plates and I still just cannot make my mind up. If you can, please help me out. Thanks.

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