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  1. First 3 seasons were excellent. Everything after that is just a repeat of previous events while main characters are continuously killed off.

  2. It's because they caught up with the Source Material and didn't know what to do after that. GoT had the same problem.

  3. how the hell does teamcraft destroy the economy

  4. I'm pretty sure the only part of it that actually interacts with the game is reading your inventory and crowdsourcing marketboard prices.

  5. Just make a show about Joel killing zombies and nothing else that way the less than 5% of people that want that are happy

  6. From the same crowd who are yelling for a 3 hour film of Darth Vader hallway scenes.

  7. These episodes are recorded in advance so this was probably filmed tuesday

  8. Tolkien himself claimed that LOTR and related stories are Christian stories.

  9. Not 100% sure why you're being downvoted. I mean describing it as simply "Christian stories" is certainly a simplification but there is at least one quote from Tolkien himself in a letter, in which he describes LotR as "a fundamentally religious and Catholic work, unconsciously so at first, but consciously in the revision."

  10. Yeah there's a whole Wikipedia article dedicated to Christian themes within his work.

  11. But.. but ...he was rehabilitated.. he changed.. he just slipped...FFS...this is why we need to lock up Violent & Sex Offenders and let the die in prison or execute them.. either way they can't hurt any more innocent people.

  12. I know this is a kneejerk reaction and you're preaching to the choir here with what the title of this post is, but the fact is that

  13. Why lol. I like two towers. I think its more consistent than the 3rd movie which has really high highs but also some pretty weak moments

  14. Character assassination of both Frodo and Faramir. Frodo turns against Sam (which never happens in the book) and Faramir wants the ring for himself (Faramir has a little battle of wits with Frodo about why they're there, and then only knows about the ring when Sam accidentally blurts it out, then lets both of them go on their way).

  15. Idk about layoffs specifically but MLK was an advocate for Labour unions and pro-labour law so I’m sure he’d have an opinion on no fault firings.

  16. He was organizing a general strike when he was assassinated.

  17. Yeah. The writers just made him a villain, sad; he was a lord of great power, nobility, and subtlety of mind, not some petty old asshole. Almost as bad as what they did to Faramir

  18. I find it funny when people call Hollywood liberal yet it’s a consistent US military propaganda machine. They nominated that movie about torturing people in the name of national security once.

  19. Doesn't the US military prevent its likeness from being used in media unless they are depicted as competent?

  20. they also have my favorite character, dog.png

  21. iirc it's a picture of one of the dev's dog who had passed recently.

  22. He even does different voices for different sections of the appendices at the end of Return of the King.

  23. Who dat? Is she in any GOOD Final Fantasy games?

  24. Iirc she appears in FFXIV. Heard it has a great community btw

  25. How did you heat them up? I found them bland but good eaten w sriracha

  26. I followed the directions (wet paper towel 20 seconds for one bun). Personally I find them okay but I won't be buying them again.

  27. Baked bacon is the best way to make bacon though...

  28. While I’d say he was heavily inspired by Elon, he does take shots at a number of billionaires. After watching it a few weeks ago I saw an article that went through and most of the outfits he wears are straight up the same wardrobe as a real billionaire during various moments. The Steve Jobs turtleneck is the one that gets called out the most but they cited others as well.

  29. Steve Jobs refused to take life saving treatment for his cancer right?

  30. There's nothing wrong with masturbation whatsoever, and the only thing about porn that's problematic are some aspects of the industry itself

  31. It's a stretch to say that there's only one thing that's problematic with porn. Porn consumption can be linked to changes in the brain similar to drug addiction, such as lower degrees of social integration, increase in conduct problems, higher levels of delinquent behavior, higher incidence of depressive symptoms.

  32. Even learning a new language "changes the brain." So does reading this comment.

  33. pho bac in garland, pho pasteur in Carrollton, saigon no 8 in old k town

  34. PLD was so unique, unlike the other tanks it had the feature of being dogshit

  35. I want a HW classic server to go up for them all to collectively lose their minds then find out how bad it actually was

  36. 35 durability crafts and hallowed/holy tiers can suck it.

  37. Forget this, poor Gimli on the other hand got totally screwed.

  38. Faramir got the worst end of it I think. Got reduced to a spineless prince.

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