1. Fuck! A detox called me. I dont even remember, but apparently i called them and left several voicemails last night.

  2. There is nothing sweeter than that ativan drip! I did the same shit before where I called a bunch of detoxes at night and totally forgot. Hope it works out for you my friend!

  3. Yeah for sure I called like 4 of them mostly blacked out. I vaguely remember it and ended up going to one a few days later. Those fuckers still call me like once a month asking if I still need to come back again and that was a year ago

  4. I thinks it's just like a water fountain you just spray it in your mouth so you can hydrate while you do your business

  5. It's not even that bad it gets to like 30 degrees and everyone freaks out. Put your food in a cooler or hell even put it outside and stay home for 2 days you will be fine if you put any effort at all into preparing for a Strom everyone knew was coming. It is no different than a hurricane on the coast or anything else and everyone had plenty of warning

  6. I don't want to go ever go back but I found detox somewhat relaxing and pleasant. That is cool they let you keep your phone. After two detox and one rehab I got on Naltrexone and it made a huge difference. Hope you feel better soon and much love❤️

  7. I can see five trees down from my front door that are fully or partially blocking roads.

  8. It's freaking 32 degrees outside barely at the freezing level quit with the fear mongering it is fine

  9. When I went into detox last week, had a 3 hour taxi drive where i slept the whole way, then had quite a long wait to see the Doctor because i was last to arrive, blew just under 4 times the driving limit (1.37 or 8 or something, uk limit is o.35). Didn't even feel too bad, until i realised id lost my phone, money, earbuds in the back of the cab when i was pretty much asleep on the floor. (The cabbie was a star and brought them back for me though)

  10. Nice same here when I went to detox I blew 4 or 5 times the legal limit as well and I felt absolutely fine.

  11. This is so disturbing. So what do I do? Just talk to her directly? I hate that people have to make work uncomfortable- like just go on a date or something.

  12. Whu do you get so uncomfortable? Just mind your business they are just words just keep yourself and don't run and tattle to HR unless someone is directly harming you. HR is not your friend they just protect the company from lawsuits

  13. The roads are fine I am not sure what everyone is freaking out about

  14. The only time I ever get a hangover is if I drink liquor. I probably averaged 15-20 beers a day for years and felt fine which is why I try to avoid liquor other than the occasional shot or two

  15. I have ordered from All Day Chemist for the last 6 months and it has been great. People have different side effects and many people have no side effects to speak of. I get a little fatigue and loss of appetite for a while but overall it's much more tolerable than slamming 15-20 beers everyday so I will take it. I think your plan of doing 12.5, 25 and then 50 mg is a good one.

  16. Just curious, did your pills come with no markings on them? Just really weird seeing them that way.

  17. The pills themselves don't have any markings but mine came in blister packs with a Naltrexone box. I have also ordered gabapentin and blood pressure medicine from ADC and they have all been legit

  18. Naltrexone is the answer. As long as I take the pill 1 hour before I drink I can have a few beers and stop. I couldn't fathom never drinking again because of the social aspect but the problem was once I had one beer I would want 20 more. Naltrexone makes it where I can go to happy hour and come home and not want to drink more

  19. I am super happy to hear it any harm reduction is a win! I have never felt naseau whatsover I only get fatigue and lack of appetite. Either way it is better than crushing 15-20 beers a day so I can deal with it

  20. That's awesome! My nausea definitely passes but it takes a week or 2 of taking a quarter of a pill and slowly upping it. It's always the day after for me. I'm so glad you haven't experienced nausea but the lack of appetite is tough too! I also have that side effect. I find it difficult as only my partner knows that I'm taking Naltrexone so it's difficult to explain side effects to others. If you don't mind me asking, are you sharing your journey with other people?

  21. Yeah my fatigue and appetitie suppresion gets better over a couple weeks too. No I have kept it to myself so nobody knows. If I was in a relationship I would tell my partner but I didn't really feel like telling my parents since I am a grown ass man and I don't think they knew the extent of my drinking problem

  22. The golden rule is you don't get the hunnies where you make the monies

  23. It depends on what state you are in (assuming you are in the US) but you can get benzos from teledoc with a 5 minute appointment. I have done it probably 4 times it is kind of expensive but it is legit amd legal and worth it in my opinion

  24. I love hearing stories like this. I discovered Nal a few months after rehab, losing a really good career and all kind of other shit. If I would have discovered it a year or two earlier it would have saved me all kind of problems. Cheers and welcome to the club it very well might change your life!

  25. No we welcome past, current and future denigrate boozebags of all types so you have found your spot. Feel free to tell us how you fucked your your life, got sober, shit your pants or whatever all types of alchies are welcome here as far as I know

  26. Oh yeah when I quit my job it turned into an absolute train wreck quickly. Beers for breakfast everyday, vodka for lunch and bourbon for dinner with a little rumplemintz for dessert it was ugly

  27. Remindme! 1 year. I hope you are still healthy after a year but my theory on the vax is that one of the few Vax companies had cancer and heart attack causing ingredients. I am not sure which one it is pers se but it is like playing vaccine roulette in my opinion

  28. They're likely not all alkies. People watch us like zoo animals, we are entertainment.

  29. I wish we were all in a zoo together with a bunchof booze because I would throw poo at the tourists like a monkey but that's OK let them be entertained I don't care

  30. Not a doctor or medical advice but you will be just fine in my opinion as an expert alcoholic

  31. 63. On reddit, where I think the avg age is 15, over 60 makes you a sort of dinosaur. Not a real human or anything. Hell, I was a young man and I got drunk one day and went to sleep and I woke up and was like WTF? I'm old! That's what it's like. I really, really, really want a drink. I got Naltrexone for when it inevitably happens.

  32. I am 37 my friend and I feel the same way as you I just blinked and woke up on the back side of 30 one day still drinking like I was in college. Naltrexone in my experience is the only way to control my drinking so I started taking it again on Jan 1st and it has been pretty good so far

  33. I have made a family sized bag of taties when drunk just for myself at least twice this week already. Sometimes I get real fancy and sprinkle them with shredded cheese, sometimes I eat them with ketchup and sometimes I even go raw dog and eat them plain like a savage it don't matter. But yes I love me some taties

  34. So I asked myself this same question when I first started and I will give you my personal opinion based on my experience. In my opinion Naltrexone is not really an anti craving medication (maybe slightly) so there is no point in taking it on days you don't drink. You just get the side effects or endorphine block for no reason which is why I am on the TSM bandwagon.

  35. Thank you so much for your really resonates with me because that it my main issue with alcohol. Once I start drinking it's nearly impossible for me to stop.....always chasing that buzz. I would love to be able to have 1 -3 drinks in a social setting like a normal person. Do you mind me asking how long you've been Nal with TSM?

  36. Well I did it about a year ago for 3 months and it was working great and then like an idiot things happened in my life and I quit taking it and quickly fell back into old habits. I think I just didn't want it enough at the time but now I am truly sick of drinking other than social occasions so I started back up on my TSM journey on Jan 1st and promised myself for at least a year no matter what I would just take the damn pill 1 hr before drinking and try to get as healthy as possible. I have already seen a big drip off already in the 3 weeks or so I have been back on it

  37. It's all relative but honestly that isn't that terrible. I mean it definately isn't healthy but as far as people with AUD goes that is pretty tame. I don't say that to encourage you to keep drinking at those levels but in my opinion that is a lower level on the AUD spectrum. Maybe try Naltrexone if you need to moderate if your drining is affecting your life in a negative way

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