1. I suggest try using Buyee as your proxy service to import BEMANI merch from sites like Mercari JP, Rakuten, and Yahoo JP auctions to your place. I mean, that's how I got my Beatmania wallet, I use that baby everywhere I go, I even keep my e-amusement card and debit card in there.

  2. Honestly, this song has to be one of the most catch-ish tutorial songs's in any rhythm game ever.

  3. May I suggest buying a soft pad and playing some of the old DDR games on PS1-PS2? Maybe that'll help. Cause I've been an avid player since the extreme days and playing the games and Stepmania at home does help with "judgment anxiety" as I refer to being nerves towards others in the arcade watching me play.

  4. I've looking to buy some cabs too. Especially an SDVX too.

  5. I think getting some fiberglass and a wooden frame would be great.

  6. Life being agender can be tough. But simply, I just don't see myself having a gender whatsoever. Being neither a man, woman or enby just never vibe with me at all.

  7. i think this post is funny, because ninjamuffin99 (the main fnf dev) commented on it

  8. I love it! At least those pads are gonna be in good used something other than feet.

  9. Anytime! Besides, there's nothing wrong with being overweight. In fact, fatphobia is very cringe ngl.

  10. It's definitely cringe in how people never seem to consider why a person could be overweight. It's sad when people seem to accept it as a way of life, though. It's horrible being overweight, but I know from experience how utterly impossible it can be to escape from it.

  11. Yeah, I can totally understand. Especially as someone who used to suffer from an eating disorder.

  12. All the ones I’ve heard of are home use

  13. Yeah, I've seen most of the ones in the US are in home collections. But I wished to find an arcade that isn't too far from where I live to get a chance to play it.

  14. My reference is mainly towards the Round 1 in Temecula,CA , maybe other gold cabs are better but I got a mixed first impression. I think there's another one within driving distance, should be something of a short term goal to figure out if I'm wrong or not.

  15. Ah, that's understandable. Mines is in Lancaster PA, but there is one in another part of PA I do want to go to so badly to see if they have other games in the BEMANI series besides only DDR A, SDVX, and IIDX. I was disappointed the Lancaster location doesn't have Pop N' Music at all. Hell, not even Jubeat or Guitadora wasn't there. I have plans to go to the NJ round1 location for my October holiday.

  16. Haven't seen a Pop' N Music at round 1 , last time I saw one back I'm 2006 at the Colton CA, flea market out of all places. Not sure what version it was but I assuming it was the latest one at the time, it disappeared about a year later.

  17. I have heard of it. Is it any good? I always assumed it was a bland DDR clone with Para Para Paradise-like arrows, and a generic song list.

  18. It’s a great concept but the execution fell short. The interface was quite scaled back (makes sense given you had to remove the disc) and the auto-generated step charts were pretty poor in quality

  19. Huh, so they did a Vib-Ribbon with the song selection being non-existance. XD

  20. Stepmania is the best option bud. It's super customizable.

  21. That's good to hear. Yeah that's one of the upsides about being NB, a lot of different types of people can be into you.

  22. True there, I am agender and nearly everyone seems to be into me.

  23. Weirdly enough, I have actually been hit on by a lot of straight men, even straight dudes with GFs have hit on me too in the past. IDK, I guess some are just so interested in my gender-neutral looks, that I basically make them unironically become bisexual. Same applies to lesbian and cis het gal's too. When, I am not much interested in them, cause I am mostly into guys only.

  24. I don't think it's a laughing matter, cause it was very traumatizing for a fetish video.

  25. Amazing work! I have a similar personal rhythm game cab project as well in the works.

  26. She's doing alright, she came out as enby lesbian to me and told me about her GF last time we spoke. Not sure now, since we aren't much friends these days, but I did saw her at my graduation, cause she finishing high school too. Even tho, I was finishing high school in the summer of 2022, cause online course's when the virus was big, did screw me over big time back in 2020 and 2021. But, I am very happy for her. Since I did date her when I used to be bi. I cringe at my days as a cis bi dude. I am proud of who I am now ( AMAB agender demi-gay person here.)

  27. Political people, narcissistic people, entitled people and ableist

  28. Support and actual understanding of my trauma and not being super dismissive of my struggles with depression, paranoia and CPTSD

  29. It's so surreal seeing a white and gold cab's in the same room.

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