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  1. It's not just you. Since this morning I've been completely unable to play. I usually get an error (4008) when selecting a character. When I do actually join I experience severe desync issues and eventually get booted back to character select. There are all sorts of different issues at play though.

  2. Same here. No lag, no crashes all beta. Now today (11/26 for those reading in the future) lag constantly and crashes sporadically.

  3. Still no drivers for Darktide?

  4. I spent a full hour wondering why everyone was complaining about performance when I was doing 100-120 fps (6900 XT + 5900X) at “max” settings then found out RT is just broken on AMD and Intel cards 😆.

  5. Ah! the regular version is really popular in Indonesia since its launch! cute....but not as pretty & cute as ORA.

  6. “Large” vehicles with most of the negative reception coming from Europeans. By way of an example I watch a YouTube channel called “Fully Charged Show” which covers EVs and the presenters often comment on how big a vehicle is as a reason they dislike it. But to me a vehicle like Polestar 3 (

  7. Not sure why folks downvoted you? I guess because of asking for recommendations in this thread. (

  8. Words can't describe how much I love Hans Zimmer, and Angel will go straight to my playlist when I want to feel head-rumbling bass.

  9. Glad you dig it! I love these kinds of posts because folks share music I’m not familiar with.

  10. Yes it will drive it to deafening levels. This is true of the vast majority of headphones.

  11. Realistically any of the usual desktop amps folks use are sufficient for the vast majority of headphones. Common recommendations are JDS Labs Atom stack, Topping DX3, Schiit Magni/Modi.

  12. The title makes it appear like you're putting down folks with cheaper gear. Not sure if that was your intention.

  13. Good question. I index strongly on treble presentation, which is part of tonal balance, but I'm pretty forgiving of tonal quirks in the mids and bass, but the upper treble >9KHz is something that a headphone needs to do well without EQ. To me, it must not be dark (I didn't like the ZMF Verite Closed because there was just too little "air"), but it must not be peaky. It must be bright and smooth. EQing the upper treble is difficult because most measurement rigs aren't accurate in those regions, and it's where your HRTF has a significant effect, so it has to be done by ear, and EQing the treble without also affecting the technicalities of the headphone is tricky. Hence, a good headphone must do that region well by default.

  14. Hey just wanted to say I appreciated the detail in your response and how different it was to mine. I think that’s what makes this hobby cool.

  15. As others have pointed out, these terms are all a bit open to interpretation so I'll do my best to answer this prompt.

  16. Ok last question, I’m sorry they are so elementary. Where do I play the music from; downloaded fancy files or Spotify

  17. The answer to this is go where your music is! Some streaming services offer lossless audio (Apple Music and Amazon Music being most popular) but Spotify is perfectly fine even though it uses a lossy format. You would be hard pressed to tell the difference in practice.

  18. I’m not entirely clear on how the tech all works together. I do not have a pc atm, just a laptop and an iPhone. How do I get the audio data to the fancy cables without sacrificing quality? Does a 5 year old laptop suffice for this task?

  19. Significantly reduced data is required though for mobile use with MQA. This then indirectly extends mobile device battery time. To mobile users those two benefits are appealing.

  20. Yep, there's a lot of hate for MQA for claiming to be "lossless" which it is not. But as a lossy format its actually quite competitive for the reasons you have listed and I think that's worth something. They've just shot themselves in the foot due to the marketing.

  21. Yeah looking at the official Volvo page now, its hard to say now. Built a loaded XC90 $75k, XC90 Recharge $87k. We know it will definitely included the lidar, so adding air suspension $1800, B&W $3200, there probably going to do the same trims to make it simple the ultimate package is $7500. So is possible it will cost more then the P3. Both XC40/C40 loaded are cheaper than a loaded P2

  22. They should have provided more details on what comes standard :( and the specs of the car. "80k USD well-equipped" has no real meaning. Polestar did a better job of being more upfront.

  23. 15cm longer, 13cm higher and 300kg heavier. Looks like the backseats have less legroom, but the trunk is a lot bigger. Would have loved a bigger trunk, but very happy I ordered the P3 :)

  24. Where are the dimensions for the EX90 listed? Volvo's website doesn't have all that many numbers.

  25. I’m wondering how it compares to the Polestar 3 outside of size. Curious whether it will have similar air suspension, 0-60 and range numbers. Hoping for an 800V pack as well but that might be wishful thinking.

  26. Definitely won’t be 800v. It’s strange it’s has the same drag coefficient as the Polestar 3.

  27. Yep this is the one for me also. I remember it seemed like he would recover.

  28. the price is quite a bit higher than i expected, but i guess it makes sense to put it at the same price as kato. the app functionality is promising, and the battery life seems good. the case wirelessly charges, and there are beamforming microphones for improved call quality.

  29. Hah this is fun, I assume these presets are for a bunch of Sennheiser headphones (HD800, HD600, HE-1?), AKG, Grado, Stax and Fostex? Also looks like for Harman?

  30. Yeah that's basshead territory but who cares tbh. I've heard people say the 64 Audio Nio and IE600 have "thunderous" bass like its a bad thing but I enjoy those two earphones the most in my collection.

  31. Thank you! It's tough to find cables for these because of the non-standard connector.

  32. Hey OP, this is a very high quality post. Your experience mirrors a lot of what I’ve felt about my Model Y both positive and negative. I 100% get why folks love Tesla vehicles, it all depends on what features you prioritize in a vehicle and for some folks Model Y ticks all the boxes.

  33. As someone who drives a Tesla, great choice honestly. I hate being associated with that ass hat

  34. Yep, I have a Model Y and it is a cool car with a lot going for it but Musk's antics repel me from further supporting the brand. I'm sure some folks are able to separate Tesla from Musk but for me it is challenging and I think it does matter to consumers. I also notice the more "online" part of the fanbase can be extremely aggressive when defending Musk or Tesla which makes me feel awful.

  35. After lots of errors and the order form coming down completely I was just able to submit my order and received a confirmation email. It does seem like they’re getting “hugged to death” though which maybe bodes well for sales numbers but not a great first impression.

  36. Hello fellow Nio enjoyer!!! Love to see my favorite IEM get a shoutout!

  37. These are getting a bit silly now. The Z12 was just the S12 with a little extra subbass and a different color way. The absolute laziest way to do a collab. Wonder if this will be the same.

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