1. IANAL. Don't listen to the scaremongers. This whole exercise is largely an eyewash and is invariably not followed by most. Check with your landlord rather than the 'complex' if necessary.

  2. My respect goes to the mods. Thank you guys for not censoring or locking down and making people that we can voice our opinions freely.

  3. This is old news and is not particular to this school either. See:

  4. Tamil subtitles says "CIA kendera", which I presume is center in Hindi. They could have used "மையம்"(maiyam) or "நிலையம்"(nilayam) instead of the transliterated Hindi word.

  5. Nothing. It's just that now they don't have a choice but to work.

  6. Which college-educated couple do you know who want to send their kids to government schools and prefer to use ration goods?


  8. Anna, neenga link panna article-a konjam padichchu paarunga

  9. I think the ram mandir was built using the donations.

  10. Yes, I think they have a coupon system for donations - 10, 100, 1000 rupees. But we also saw how PM CARES was also a donation system and all govt employees were 'forced' to voluntarily contribute to it. No idea if that's happening here.

  11. Idhukkun Chennai-kun yennanga connection?

  12. This is just sad. Thought this sub was meant for critical discussion of foul nature of beast bred and praised in society called religion. Not a "chodi" Atheist version.

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