1. American here who has allergies and a chronic cough. I bring a bottle of water in my purse everywhere I go and if I need a sip to calm a cough I take one but I don’t use it instead of restaurant water. I make no apologies for taking a sip if there’s no drink in front of me. Over the past few years I’ve learned that people stare at you and don’t want to be around you more if you’ve got a cough because they think it’s something else…

  2. The 2.5T has oil consumption issues. Got rid of mine because of it.

  3. I have 2, 2.5 non turbo Mazdas and they’ve been the BEST! Energizer bunny cars.

  4. Had 14 Mazda3 with the 2.5 at it was great 100k miles 0 problems. Then got the 3 Turbo. Oil consumption issues started at 13k miles for me. Dumped it and got a Corolla Hatch.

  5. Oh wow! Very good to know! My next car will probably be a cx5 turbo but maybe not..

  6. Those salsas look delicious!! Post here too where he’ll be because some of us aren’t in Facebook Twitter or Instagram- just Reddit! ♥️

  7. Heroes- including the people who kept yelling that it was on fire, because they obviously didn’t know.

  8. What about the people that stood around filming? Are they heroes?

  9. I would say they are definitely helpers because at the very least the insurance is going to want to see these videos, and since this one is posted and shows a fire underneath the car that’s definitely a help.

  10. You sure got him lots of great toys! I bet he’s learning a lot playing with them! ❤️

  11. He looks so much like my baby- I wonder if they’re related. 💗

  12. She’s waiting politely for you to notice. 💜

  13. Yes, they absolutely should call you straight away! My goodness! Please don’t bring her back there! They don’t care about her and what if she had had a severe reaction and they’re in the other room? I would definitely find someplace else. That’s horrible. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

  14. What is that? A hot dog bake?? Lol! How’d you manage that??

  15. I think you did great! Glad you had a lot of fun! I hope you also got to visit, Venetian and Bellagio two of my favorite hotels. I agree with you about Wynn. Not only does Wynn allow locals to park for free and always has but during the pandemic, he made sure to pay all of his employees which means a lot to the locals who really struggled during that time, with Vegas being a vacation spot town.

  16. That poor baby. You can see he’s unloved with nothing to play with. 💞

  17. My gen2 was rattling in the back, about five years ago - Especially in the cold weather which doesn’t happen often where I live, but I took it into the dealership. They jacked it up and tightened everything underneath and that worked. Even now it doesn’t rattle anymore.

  18. Some poor mechanic in the future is probably gonna be bitching about those points being overtorqued as they try to undo them. Hopefully the dealership didnt strip any of those bolts while tightening them.

  19. Maybe, but from what people have said on here they can’t really be shipped without breaking them. So it would have to be local. I wouldn’t want to break one. Then again, my first car was a 1966 mustang, perfect condition, my dad had a 66 VW beetle, my mom had a 78 mustang. My grandfather had a 74 Ford Pinto station wagon, and my point here is that if I had held onto those, I could’ve gotten tens of thousands for them going across the block at Barrett Jackson recently, so I should probably hang onto them and sell them years from now for a crazy amount lol.

  20. The front end looks like a poorly painted matchbox car. You know, like where they’re supposed to have put chrome and instead just kept on painting…

  21. He probably can’t drive so he doesn’t know cars can’t stop quickly in snow. 🤨 Pretty area!

  22. I used one of these to paint a beautiful Disney princess castle on the wall for my daughter, when she was born, as well as large versions of Maisie Mouse and Friends. I would like to use one to paint something again that was great fun.

  23. So texts are green but says “blank has notifications silenced” means she’s not blocked or is?

  24. 💞💞💞what a cutie!! Happy birthday little love!

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