1. To be honest, I'm still mad at telltale for what they did to Sarah. Literally the only child who gets eaten alive no matter what, and then INSTANTLY forgotten, forgotten and abandoned. Sarah is literally the only character who, from the point of view of the laws of physics, could not die a second death, and the first death is already easily avoided. And this despite her endless potential, many hints of further development and worked out details, damn it, the only fucking character who would not interfere in the conflict between Jane and Kenny. What the fuck was the point of killing her, all the more so cruel and ridiculous? Just fuck telltale. I lost all confidence in them after that.

  2. Like I said, I love the characters in Season 2, but you made some weird comparisons.

  3. Nick and Sarah honestly die 3 times. Their deaths ofc, and then the complete annihilation of their relevancy to the story and character arcs after like episode 2-3. At least in Lukes dogshit deaths he was still semi relevant as a character and dies saving clem from a walker.... i guess...

  4. They had every opportunity to make Sarah a great character and give her the opportunity to survive the second season, because she will not interfere in the conflict between Jane and Kenny, but no, let's throw a fucking magic board on her and then instantly forget.

  5. I couldn't think of anything special for him in the first season, but I have a couple of thoughts for the second.

  6. He died for the most part because he decided to go out and seek help, while Luke tried to lift Sarah up by yelling at her, which caused Sarah to cry and scream, which subsequently attracted walkers. So Luke accidentally made a double kill if you didn't save Sarah. (although also indirectly killed Sarah after having fun with Jane)

  7. If you don't speak up when Sarah asks Clem to teach her how to shoot, Sarah will suddenly fake a headshot saying "BAM!"

  8. one with cheese, and a laaaarge soda⁠⁠

  9. Considering how one of the scrapped versions of season 2 was aj and clem dying.. maybe. I think they wanted to go for a very dark, intense season and then realized nobody would like it. Not that it mattered anyway.. since the entire cast died regardless ☠

  10. Something deep in my heart tells me that Sarah should have survived. Well, not just because there were these hints of further development throughout the season.

  11. Oh yeah, ive seen your other posts. Interesting stuff you've shown with the hidden development parts, and all that. I don't think sarahs a particularly bad character. She had potential, much like other members of the cabin group. She just suffered the whole "your choices ain't mean shit" which kind of doomed seasons 2's likeability for me. Like seriously that magic board falling on her and then another magic board falling on jane killed me. Nobody bringing sarah up after she died irked me even more. This wasnt just reserved to sarah though. Just Season 2's Things.

  12. Yeah, but only Sarah's survival until the end of the second season sounds logical. She's the only character who won't get involved in Jane and Kenny's conflict, you know. There was no reason to leave her behind other than to annoy the players. But if the developers gave her a chance, revealed from a different side, she could become a good friend for Clementine, creating an excellent duet, and she would probably be loved, perhaps even at the level of Clementine. She had an interesting concept of getting out of her father's overprotectiveness and gradually adapting to the world, and great potential for development, but instead she became the object of Jane's "not everyone can live in such a world" example. After her death and still today, I feel like I was deprived of an important part of the plot, and to be honest, I lost interest in Clementine's story.

  13. Sarah held the gun the same way when she asked Clem to teach her how to shoot...

  14. I understand that she was isolated from the real world, but afaik she was isolated after the walkers appeared. That doesn't explain why she fucks up so many times.

  15. Sarah had ptsd, according to telltale CEO. She was traumatized, and all her "annoying" actions were not intentional. It is difficult for you to understand it, because you have never suffered from it. And why the hell are you blaming the poor child for screaming while her father was being eaten alive?

  16. Okay, I have to admit you did make good points. There are things I have to clarify.

  17. Also slapping Clementine. I don’t remember how to trigger it but it is determinate

  18. Only Sarah because only she could fit into the plot of the 5th episode of the second season, the third and fourth season.

  19. Sure, you still get from point a to point b no matter your decisions, but how you get there changes. Your interactions with characters change. That is why it matters.

  20. Ah, well, yes, I can change the option of what three words the character will say before dying. Right, I just forgot.

  21. I don't argue, the first season was really great. And the second before amid the shit. And then I began to see this game as a fan service simulator about the immortal Clementine. I absolutely lost interest in the game and her story. I know I'm the only one, I have way too many hot takes that could melt the asses of all the fans here.

  22. The main reason why I guess why Clem slept here is because of the child sleeping bag, which is the main and indisputable evidence. Who else is it for, if not Clem?

  23. I'm pretty sure that's just a regular sized sleeping bag, but regardless, I always got the impression that it was Carlos. With how much of a helicopter parent he was, him deciding to sleep right next to Sarah in a sleeping bag seems right on track for him.

  24. Well, that's just speculation, to be honest. The fact that Clem was assigned a separate sleeping bag in Sarah's room, and the fact that Carlos sleeps in that bag are both guesses that make sense, but when you think about it, where does Clem sleep if not in that bag in Sarah's room? I think it makes sense

  25. - When everything started, i met my friend Lee. He tried to help me find my parents. He protected me more than anyone else in my whole life. He died to keep me safe. I was so scared.

  26. Sarah is the only child in the game who was eaten alive no matter what...

  27. Nice. I've never heard of that before but I just looked it up. Chips are delicious after a day of fighting in the apocalypse.

  28. No she doesn’t. I literally save her every time, she SPECIFICALLY says she’s “not okay” and when you go over to talk to Sarah she literally says that when her dad gets back they should all go back to the cabin “where it’s safe”. Oh, and then no matter what answer you give she breaks down crying and Rebecca says that’s all she can take. OH, and her warning was said after stuttering a couple of times and, it’s not really a help as they could’ve easily seen the walkers with or without Sarah calling out for Clementine. So no, she clearly did not “come out of it on her own” I’m sorry I can tell you wish she was a stronger character, but she’s not 🤷‍♂️ And no, I don’t know if you just refuse to accept it but Carlos is very obviously RIGHT, as Sarah LITERALLY shuts down and ceases to function if Clem doesn’t slap her to snap her out of her trance. That’s not an “opinion” it’s literally what plays out if you let it 🤷‍♂️

  29. That is, we will not pay attention to the fact that she literally herself got up and watched the group after she "burst"? She no longer cried, nor sat on the ground, she stood aside and watched. Do you think she got away with it?

  30. I truly wish I could say I know what you’re talking about right now, but I don’t.

  31. Just rewatch that moment when Sarah is still alive and the walkers are coming. She had already recovered from the shock and stood aside, watching Rebecca and Kenny, she was sad, but not crying.

  32. Easy. Remember how angry Luke was after Jane left. Make this fact really affect Luke's overall mental state, then Nick's death to ice in episode 5, and you have the perfect conflict between two angry men who have different opinions about whether to return to Howes or continue to search for the mythical Wellington.

  33. I wrote about this here dude a long time ago, this is the third post where someone hates Sarah...

  34. I just seem to still be paralyzed by the way the writers treated Sarah, getting her such a good start for the next development arc and hinting at it so many times, and then doing literally everything to make this character everyone hated. I just can't forgive this telltale.

  35. What can be "underated" in Duck? Did people underate his drawings? Does his love for Batman deserve more attention? He is literally a child with the personality of any ten year old, where is he underated?

  36. Just seems like a lot of people hate him. I would agree that he is just like any other kid, but at least a few people that I've seen play the game didn't like him/found him annoying

  37. I've seriously never seen a lot of people like that. Sarah is much more hated even though she was just a child who was overprotected by her father and still wanted to learn how to survive and was a good friend to Clementine.

  38. Yes. Especially "You showed Sarah how to defend herself". Ttg just forgot about this bruh

  39. She was seriously immature for the world. (Like Louis.) Every clock shows the truth, even once. It was the same for the Sarah. She was acting ridiculous in the most unlikely places.

  40. It's not her fault. She wanted to adapt to the world, but her father just wouldn't let her. If telltale had just given her a chance, she could have gone through a development arc and become a great character. Her death is not even her fault, in the RV she was just traumatized and shocked by the terrible death of her own father, and on the balcony she should not have died at all, because that magic board that fell on her simply should not have been there.

  41. At the very least, even if you don't like Sarah, you should give her a chance. In the end, Sarah gave Clem a chance at life, although she could scream or simply refuse to help.

  42. Sarah had her own beautiful theme. And this only confirms that they had big plans for Sarah.

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