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Autism acceptance

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  1. Letting people build an entire world through farming. Like, start farming a small parcel, end up growing a gigantic spirit tree that is the heart of a legendary forest because you took care of that tree for thousands of years.

  2. He is a metalhead. I'm a metalhead. I love him.

  3. Ah damn, stupid me ! I should have thought about that !

  4. It was an inside joke but you could probably compare it to "fear" or "monster"

  5. I know you are OP but I still think you are wrong. The true power of AAAAA stands in the manipulation of andouillette. This can be easily guessed since the AAAAA stands for "Association amicale des amateurs d'andouillette authentique" which roughly translate to "Friendly club of authentic andouillette enjoyers". Behold the power of French clubs.

  6. But... but... what about the fries ?

  7. A banana ninja. For some reason I forgot, that's the nickname I've been given by a friend.


  9. I don't have a specific device for that, but the "Hey Siri" on my iPhone is on. But all digital mics need to be activated with a voice command, don't they? Otherwise, how is it feasible (battery-efficient) for them to record everything?

  10. Amazon could technically gather information through apps of different companies that they own, like Twitch for example.

  11. We should spend the next two hours talking about sugar free gummy bears and then get on our phones and see what happens.

  12. If some big company apps like facebook or amazon has access to your microphone (you can check in the authorizations of the apps), then it will work, they will show you ads for gummy bears.

  13. I used to get fucked at parties, vomitting at least once every time. I've experienced black outs, puking on myself, destroying my inside to the point it was hurting for an entire week, so I have a bit of experience with all that.

  14. I'm in a similar situation. At home it's just really taxing because my mom is a bit crazy and I can't just live as I intend, I'm forced to follow her schedule.

  15. Is this an application for the cringelord position ?

  16. Hmm no I'm having enough attention as it is. If I wanted attention I'd probably write some long fake text and post it on the web.

  17. Welcome to the Prompt! All top-level comments must be a story or poem. Reply here for other comments.

  18. There's a manga/anime like that where it's just the greatest warriors of all time vs the most powerful gods in creation.

  19. This is more satisfying than any nude in the world

  20. Oh well gee I bet that wouldn't have happened if they were not at war.

  21. That was quite the waste of time to end up having no holup

  22. Marina Abramović did a similar piece where she stood still by a table with a bunch of random stuff that ranged from feathers to a loaded gun and instructions that the audience could do anything they wanted and she would not resist. She ended up getting slashed with razor blades and sexually molested before someone put the loaded gun to her head and started to put her own finger into the trigger. Before the person could carry through with it though, a fight broke out in the audience to stop them.

  23. How did she handled all the pain though ?

  24. Yeah I know, but she's been molested and raped, and people may have not been using the razor blades just for cuts. If you twist the razor blade a bit, you'll tear flesh rather than cut it.

  25. You need to have ebola to no da wae

  26. So if I get that right, being mean to weirdos, and still acting like a jerk even if you know they have autism is autism acceptance, right ?

  27. It's not acknowledgement in that case because you don't acknowledge the autism, you keep treating that person the same way you'd treat any other weird people, you don't make a difference based on the autism.

  28. Why would they not know ? They are literally creating Matt's vision. If Matt wanted it to be venom, then it would be in the script and that would allow the concept artists to show that it is venom. But it's not because nowhere on that page does it say it's venom. Yeah it's a cool thought but this book just completley shuts it down. Deal with it

  29. I'm replying here because the other gut got deleted.

  30. Man I wish I could do that. If I try to hold my poop, it just keeps pushing, I start feeling hot and anxious, my heart beats harder and harder, I even start sweating.

  31. He plays on every side so he always win

  32. Fireworks generate almost no pollution at world scale. They are blown up only a couple times a year, they release some smoke for a while and that's it. I'd bet barbecue create more pollution every year than fireworks.

  33. Also, here is a thought experiment for you.

  34. Meat is meat and I'm not gonna starve to death in a mountain because of ethics and morality.

  35. Not gonna lie, if there were a way to taste ethically sourced human meat, I’d try it out of curiosity in a heartbeat. Like, I have a friend who’s having a leg amputated, and it’s safe to eat, and they invite me over to try some people meat, I’d absolutely eat it. I’m far too curious not to

  36. Cool story bro but the point of the subreddit is to ask for another subreddit. Go vent on

  37. Cameras have a receptor that will create an image based on the light it receives. It's a scare or rectangular piece inside the camera. When light reaches a part of the receptor, some pixels of the image are colorized accordingly.

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