1. I'll probably get downvoted to all hell but she kinda reminds me of Emma Watson and EVERYONE on the internet at one time thought she was a gamine but now she's generally considered DC. With Jennie, I never really understood why people agreed on FG... I personally only see sharp vertical and balance for her. I lean towards DC or even one of the tall types like D or FN. You can't really see petite in pictures though so maybe in person she looks more FG?

  2. I've seen cool blackout sleeves that have white ink designs like flowers over them, maybe look into something like that? However, I'm not really sure how well white ink can go over that.

  3. Could be, some of her photos on insta make me think she's SN though. It's kinda hard to tell, she definitely has those flattering poses down lol. Either way, I think these outfits are really cute for SNs.

  4. Ya and also heavy fabrics and stiff clothing really look overwhelming on me. If it isn’t really tailored to my body it makes me look a lot heavier. Not sure what that means?

  5. To me it sounds like you're not really frame dominant then. I'd look into the classic family next!

  6. Hmmm, I wonder if you could have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or another connective tissue disorder... People with EDS can get stretch marks everywhere and in unusual spots. I'm not sure how to make them better but maybe look into EDS?

  7. Fuck off man these are normal stretch marks. I'm 22 and have gained and lost a lot of weight and have a bunch of these. I had em before I gained the weight too just from growing

  8. Jeez, just an unusual spot to see them, that's all. They could be normal, I'm not a doctor. Not a lot of people know about EDS so I figured OP could look into it and see if they fit any other symptoms. After all, OP did mention they had them all over their body and that definitely is an EDS thing.

  9. You should check out @rubilove on Instagram. Her outfits are really great for SNs and has a lot on there suitable for colder weather

  10. Your silhouette looks like Lynda Carter. I'm inclined to say FN but I can also see SD. These pictures aren't the best for typing though.

  11. I was recommended to check your post out and I can see why! I may actually be a dark summer too, I didn't know that this season existed haha.

  12. I always thought TR for her but her essence could be affecting my opinion.

  13. Thank you so much for this post!! This is so validating as someone who is 75% sure she is SD but has consistently been told on this sub that she is a leggy SN or a curvy FN.

  14. I was always torn between DC and FN for her but what made me lean FN was that she’s 5’7 and noticeably elongated compared to most DCs. A 5’7 DC would have to be really balanced but I think Dakota leans heavily towards elongated. I also think she looks great in FN recommendations, including her signature tousled loose waves and natural makeup.

  15. She is also wearing heels in like 9 out of the 10 photos here, so it's difficult to say if she really is that elongated. I'm personally on team DC for Dakota.

  16. Honestly, I think you fit in really well with SC!

  17. "You're at the top of the height limit for SNFGRC, so it would be highly unlikely for you to be that type, have you thought about DSFN?" Like of course I thought about those types but I'm still WITHIN these height limits, Kibbaren.

  18. I don’t get what the point of the height limits are if you can’t actually be that type at that limit! Especially with some of the type poster girls being at or above the limits (Jackie O with DC, MM with R, Audrey as FG at 5’7)

  19. Exactly, and having Kibbe himself changing his mind and making statements about height limits and then not changing any of the verified celebrities typings, no wonder everyone is torn between types. Lets blame it on TyPe ReSiStAnCe though.

  20. My husband thinks it's toxic af and I low-key kinda agree with him. He can't deny my outfits look better though lol.

  21. I'm on team FN, she totally has vertical.

  22. Bruh, what the actual f. Why is it always one person to ruin it all for everyone? Get this user outta here, I'd take back the "why is Jennifer Love Hewitt a FG?" user any day.

  23. I know exactly what user you’re talking about, she messaged me asking a ton of things and then got mad when I told her I was uncomfortable answering questions she could look up in the sub. So weird 💀

  24. Lolol congrats, you've been officially welcomed to the kibbe community then 😂

  25. Basically me lol. Being in SD/FN/SN limbo for eternity 😅 Basically I try dress myself as SD with a little more openness on top and it works for me

  26. She looks too frame dominant to me, I'd think more SN

  27. Uhh,something new for her...previous posts about her are suggesting either TR or D

  28. Ahh yes, the joys of asking reddit to ID someone. To me, she looks moderate/small and her frame almost acts like a "hanger" for the outfit, especially in that last picture. I don't think she has vertical or kibbe petite to accommodate, just curve and width, so SN.

  29. SC leaning slightly towards R! Balanced with a little extra-extra yin

  30. @maevabuono I'm pretty sure she's a leggy SN (maybe a curvy FN) and has great fashion sense

  31. Queen Anne necklines, vertical accommodation, and curve accomodation! Yass!! The emerald top with the skirt or pants is everything 🔥

  32. At first SN because I always saw myself as broad-shouldered but still curvy, in comparison to my petite gamine family members. Reddit gave me leggy SN, FN, and SD, but I think I'm actually a SD :) I do incorporate some natural lines too in my wardrobe, but I think SD looks best on me!

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