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  1. I just went on the theme shop and clicked the retro gaming section

  2. The music is from Phantasy Star Online, one of my favorite games on the Dreamcast.

  3. Replace that ugly American flag with a Union Jack and the wolf with a demon or something and then we're talking heavy metal. I say the union Jack because so much metal comes from the UK

  4. No I was scrolling through some Webster dictionary website and that was the top result

  5. Nothing beats the mighty Hetfield "Yeah-Yeahhhh"

  6. Such an iconic part of Metallica. I'm starting to think that's James Hetfield's favorite word

  7. And "oooohhh" is a close 2nd

  8. She's doing something and it ain't sleeping. Who knows what the hell it is

  9. I was super disappointed to find out Touch the Ferret isn't a real game

  10. Everything about that username pisses me off. The swastikas, the false claim about "not edgy", and the anti-LGBT emoji. I assume it's just a bot account looking for attention, but still

  11. Foo fighters. If you're a nirvana fan you probably know them because it was started by some Nirvana members after the passing of Kurt Cobain but their music is super good

  12. I'll check it out. I can't remember who I first watched. I think it was Andy something

  13. I tried learning guitar from YouTube. Wasn't much help but if it works for you, then I might try again

  14. Chester Bennington. My dad and I will never get to see Linkin Park in concert. And since my dad and I had a strained relationship that was pretty much held together by our love for LP. It really upsets us both we won’t get to experience that together.

  15. I got into Linkin Park like 4 months ago and I think it would be so cool to see them live

  16. A metallica game. HEAR ME OUT! It could be like you playing as James Hetfield in an arcade style beat em up where all the levels are based on songs. Maybe like a child's bedroom/desert where you fight the sandman. And the whole thing would lead up to a Hell looking final level where you fight the Master of Puppets as the final boss. The soundtrack could be 8-bit versions of their songs. Somebody has to be with me on this idea.

  17. That's what I said. I found the original 2 movies on DVD for $10 at dollar general yesterday so I bought it. IDK why, I already have it on Blu-ray

  18. Superstore. I just started watching it and found out it was cancelled in 2021

  19. I watch a bunch of reddit YouTubers like Emkay, Giofilms, Dark Dom, etc. and realized instead of waiting for a video on a certain subreddit I wanted to see, I could just look at it on my own

  20. Chicken. I had chicken on pizza and it was the worst. I like chicken on it's own but it just tastes bad on pizza IMO

  21. When I was in 6th grade, I said Jake Paul is cringe and it pissed off some kid

  22. When they put a pipe bomb in your mailbox, you know they're the one

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