1. Do you think I mean you should wear whatever you want if someone is literally unwell? Come on.

  2. The idea is that the fragrance is what made her unwell, and is a consideration that should be made if you are going to be locked in with someone.

  3. I was asking how close is it to one million by paco rabbenne

  4. Close in the opening, but then strays further and further away. Halloween Man will get you a bit closer than the Lomani. Something about lomani just smelled really off after a few minutes. It wasn't even able to cut it as a room spray for me, just tossed it.

  5. I like the most recent, reserve privee. To me, it smells similar to Bentley Intense, but balanced beautifully, and then that added Iris. It is very pleasant, slightly mature, and a bit boozy. I also enjoy Boise, but it smells pretty close to Prada lhomme intense.

  6. Niche are pretty small businesses and the cost of the perfume is not just a cost of ingredients. But it is also a cost of hardware(stickers, bottles, atomizers, packages), marketing, website, stores, distributions - things add up pretty quick for something that sells in small numbers and is not produced at industrial scale. Niche prices are totally justified.

  7. Niche houses can be very large. Quick Google search brought up a Creed article talking about how it was making 200 million in revenue before being bought. Niche just means (generally) that the business only sells fragrances (or it is their primary sale).

  8. It's alright, a vanilla that isn't super sweet. It's supposed to be a clone of a discontinued Valentino fragrance, but I never got my nose on that one. I just never reached for it, I think I wore it twice and then gave it away. Performed well, inoffensive, and generally a safe grab

  9. It should say on the item how long before it is expected to ship. If it says "ready now" or 2-3 days, it generally goes out fast. If it lists weeks it means they are waiting on new stock and it could be a long time (months and sometimes it will cancel)

  10. Someone told me the cigarette note goes away after letting the bottle sit for about a month after opening. Can you attest whether that is true to any extent?

  11. I don't get the cigarette note, but about 5% of the people I am around do. This is years into my bottle

  12. I feel like a whole article to figure out 9 to 12 x 50 or 100 is excessive

  13. Might be, but I like the table they made. Doing a quick check with my spraying behaviour told me that I never need to buy more than 30ml (considering also that perfumes might go bad after a certain time).

  14. I have perfumes over 30 years old that smell the same (and in most cases better than their modern iterations). Though I don't need to do the math, if I use 10 sprays a day (I don't) I will be long dead before I finish anything.

  15. You can, some really dark ones stain. Fragrance tends to last longer and hold on to notes longer as well. It means fragrances may not see the same transition that they would on skin, but this isn't going to be an issue for most fragrances out there.

  16. I feel like I do most of my testing (initial) in my climate controlled home.

  17. Interlude Man/Black Iris is incredibly smokey, the first is probably the more daring with a fuzzy green opening. Black Iris maintains the smoke but adds some iris that comes across as sweet and almost fruity in the opening. Z&V This is him is a smokey vanilla that is a more woody vanilla than cake. Its pretty inexpensive and does well, though the smoke is a lot les intense than in Interlude.

  18. You may be able to use a syringe and suck the fragrance out. You need to adjust the end of it to fit around that "rod" part. After that you would have to decant it into a new bottle. You can get some decent ones for cheap from places like amazon, also a bit of plumbers tape around the threads of the new bottle will help prevent evaporation (in case of low quality bottle)

  19. It smells really good, works all the time. It is nothing daring or super unique but that doesn't mean it isn't fantastic. I need to pick up a new bottle, this summer has been a lot of pool time and it means I need a cheapie I can just throw on before/after swimming.

  20. Really an outlier for Montale as it lacks that heavy syrupy thickness that Montale is known for. Its just really easy to wear, but definitely has a more designer feel (though at discounters it tends to go for a pretty good price). A good fragrance, but a deceptive introduction into Montale (if it is the only one you have smelled)

  21. What are some of the montale's that blew you away?

  22. Honestly only tried two, Red Vetiver and Santal Wood. The problem is I actually hate the look of the bottles, but once I got them in hand...I hated then even more. Aluminum weighs almost nothing compared to glass. So, on top of being ugly, they feel really light/empty and just aren't satisfying so after ordering those 2 I just moved on.

  23. Interested in Fig Extasy if you don't mind going a little more into detail. I really enjoy fig, but most reviews say it is less fruity and more green/creamy.

  24. Does the salt on your hand bother them? I assume not because I have seen quite a few people handling snails/slugs, but didn't know if you just had to scrub em real good before handling.

  25. Your logic is flawed. That's like saying "you walked outside, so you're forcing people to look at you". See how dumb it sounds

  26. You can look away easily, can you stop breathing? Your comparison is moronic at best.

  27. Call me all the names in the world, your logic is still flawed.... And you can walk away from someone wearing perfume too genius. Go talk to someone who values you

  28. Oh really, on an elevator? At the same restaurant? At work? How vain to think you can dictate who is permitted to be around you. Also, for some reason you think something being in your field of vision is somehow comparable to being forced to smell something. My logic isn't flawed, you are just delusional.

  29. Citrus/pepper metallic and sharp is what I would say if I I was just smelling it without knowing anything in it.

  30. He just needs to reapply, shower gel isn't going to be stronger than the fragrance, and the lotion will end up diluting/adding a lotion smell to it.

  31. I like Barbershop, but everything they have released recently has this harsh melted plastic smell to it. The original few I tried are ok for the price, but overall not worth it. Performance is good but the closer you get to any of the scents the more you notice a huge lack in quality.

  32. I think hugo reversed gets compared to Elysium.

  33. Have you changed the launch for the game in the steam library? Otherwise it won’t start

  34. We have not changed the launch from steam, but it worked when we launched it from the moddrop app. What do I have to change in steam?

  35. Yea, I found a picture of the new map and she didn't have that. But we did get it worked out. Appreciate the assistance

  36. I will make sure to smell it. I have been so close on multiple occasions picking up the original. I really liked the way it smelled, but already have similar scents. If this manages to improve, without changing it too much, upon the original then I may be glad I waited.

  37. Well, ya managed to censor 3/4 of the word batch Did you want pineapple? Cause if you wanted pineapple then, to you at least, it wouldn't be a good one.

  38. It reminds me so much of Eros, just swap out dill for mint and make the opening more mass appealing. Base is still a green (dill vs mint) with amber/vanilla.

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