1. Didn't like it so much, finishing it up putting it in my body lotion occasionally. Tried minimalist, started seeing results in a week.

  2. i have the same issue omg. i hate the discolouration so much but my doctor told me there’s nothing you can do about it. your skin will go back to normal but it’ll take months. my 6 years of eczema has caused my elbows to look burnt. let’s hope someone has a quicker solution to this!

  3. What was the skin discoloration hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation

  4. Ya! I am doing it... Honestly.. I just love doing skincare.. My sister has really good skin and sometimes she skip her skincare routine.. I would scold her not to.. But out of laziness she skips it... I wish at that moment a lot that if only I have a clear and strong skin as her... 😩.. But damage has done.. My skin became lot more sensitive than I imagined... If I go out just for few minutes I will be so much red like tomato.. And also if I sit at my laptop screen for 20 mins my face will look flushy red.. Goshhhh! 😩😩😫.. I am so much tierd so much....

  5. Hydroquinone literally burned my skin when i used it few years ago for my pigmentation so i am very scared of that ingredient

  6. My skin burnt too.. how much time will it take for skin to get back in normal condition

  7. I also love tranexamic acid! I discovered it a few months ago using the hada labo premium lotion and my red marks now take at least half the time to fade than without it. It's truly magical and super affordable. I may try the inkey list one too and see if it's even more effective than the hada labo.

  8. Yes quite safe to use tranexamic acid.. It doesn't cause irritation... My pigmentation literally reduced after using neemli tranexamic acid... Don't use hydroquinone tretinoin etc.. just apply once at bed time followed by sunscreen at day.. in 2 months u will see difference

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