1. There are several within a 15min walk of there:

  2. I’m not sure, but I really wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Rule 8: Song rankings, predictions, and "top X"-style threads should include points of discussion

  4. He probably went to escapade and doesn’t realize his volume. /s

  5. Everything about Russia 2008 is pure comedy gold.

  6. English people being the most prevalent nationality doesn't surprise me with how vocal they've been all season supporting their entry.

  7. Who woulda thought there would be a lot English-speaking users in an English-speaking community on a predominantly English-speaking and American website?

  8. It sounds bad but it's actually very practical. And even in the heat, it's not that bad. I've been doing it just for fun and if I ever have to commute to work it's definitely going to be in the mix.

  9. But but but a large latte is only $3.89 at Tim Hortons!!!!! /s


  11. The vegan ‘sour cream’ is sooo good. I wish they sold it in tubs with the frozen perogies.

  12. I thought they aren't doing live music anymore?

  13. They have a few live shows and dancing coming up!

  14. Probably a good bet to go to museums to avoid the freedumb crowd. I may do the same. The French embassy has also something apparently.

  15. Tours of the French ambassador’s residence.

  16. The TV audience didn’t even see the whole statue. 🫣

  17. I have bad taste, so almost every winner since I’ve been watching (2009). Some of them I can see the appeal even if it’s not my taste, but some of them I just don’t get at all.

  18. Tickets are usually announced between November and January, with the first round of sales starting 1 to 2 weeks from the announcement date.

  19. The bigger crime is that we didn't get a chance for the Voyager singer & Sam Ryder to meet in Turin.

  20. We’ve never seen them together in the same room. Hmmm… very curious. 😳

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