1. Chipset Drivers Intel Chipset Drivers. Visit your motherboard's manufacturer support page for your specific motherboard model- Or you could try the Intel Driver Assistant Software - Highly recommended anyway to have installed.

  2. Also SignalRGB requires Visual C++ Runtimes, follow the steps below to install them:

  3. No software has to load and take control signal does not write to memory of the controller

  4. BIOS updated, chipset updated, RAM is still the only item not lighting up at all.

  5. openrgb can also do something similar.

  6. similar yes but OpenRgb does not map the Leds Signal maps out the leds in all the supported devices which is a nicer effect IMO

  7. by map i mean if you have 54 leds in a fan and you run an effect that is a straight line the fan will show the line as it crosses with OpenRgb it see the leds in the fan as a strip such as leds 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, .... etc Signal would be


  9. Download USBdeview run as admin you will see failed usb devices right click them and any other devices in grey or red and UNinstall then reboot.

  10. Ok, did this. When I rebooted it does the same thing. The little icon is red/pink but the line is green.

  11. run usbDeview as admin select all devices and uninstall shut down and reboot it will then re assign all your devices if it still fails might be soft locked unplug from usb and re -plug while powered on

  12. it does take a sudden and forceful jerk once u do it a couple of times gets easier

  13. I keep testing these controllers. They seems to work for a week, then suddenly they fail the next week every second time i boot up. Then they suddenly work for a week again. Its wierd..i have been testing for weeks now an dthe pattern is allmost the same. Each time i power on my pc then i write a note down in a text file if it works or not. And i see it works for 7-10 times, thats 10 days where i powered on my pc and it worked. Then suddenly it fails few times and works again for a week.

  14. Here is a nifty trick download UsbDeview start app as admin (important) select all usb devices then select "uninstall selected devices" it will delete all the usb devices shutdown the PC and start back up it will re assign all your devices and clean out unused disconnected and failed devices entries.

  15. Hmm have you been using this tool on ur Tt controllers system ? Will it fix the problem for once or do i need to this each time the controller dosenT work `?

  16. Well lets not say never but almost never fails since doing this. Once you clean it up you can check devices as needed and address each alone

  17. Absolutely all you need is proof of purchase then go on their website they have a RMA link fill everything out or chat with support and they will take care of you

  18. you dont mention your Motherboard but most motherboards will throw the error code by beeps or leds on MB that will turn different colors indicating the problem

  19. yes, this is the exact tutorial that i followed and it still didnt work, thats why im asking a wider audience for some help

  20. For Signal its all about a supported Motherboard If MB is supported it will work but RGB is one color at a time check here

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