1. Plot convenient huh? You mean like how OG Broly went from a base power level of ~10,000 to beyond a trained Super Saiyan when he got angry with zero training?

  2. Because he was THE legendary super Saiyan. Dbs broly doesn't even have the legendary super Saiyan form, it's just called "full power ssj".he suddenly goes from low base Vegeta tier to being stronger than blue in like a minute, by that logic he could fight whis and just keep getting stronger until he is at the realm of the angels.

  3. Look man, unless Superman developed some fucking ghost arms or telekinesis while I wasnt looking, he's still gonna have to move close to kryptonite man to punch him.

  4. Funnily enough superman has learned some telekinetic powers in the comics.

  5. Loving yourself means you're happy with the things you're doing so if you're not happy doing the things youre doing. then go and find something you love doing

  6. It's just my opinion but I don't think making passwords relating to the things we like is a good idea. Things like data mining just exasterbate this issue even more, for example I like coding but my passwords for any account have nothing to do with coding.

  7. Imo it's better than mailing advertisement because mailing has worse environmental issues.

  8. "I didn't see the block animation" Could've been lag which gives the possibility that he was actually block mashing.

  9. We were doing light attacks, not supers. And the fact that he went from being absolutely terrible to perfect blocking everything after 3 fights.

  10. Then the only reason I can think of besides hacking is he got someone else to play for him. Also you don't need to be good the game in order to block mash

  11. Fu is broken cuz he has insane speed and in the online environment some of his attacks can't be cancelled (reasons: his speed, invincibility frames)

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