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  1. Sound like you are being emotionally manipulated by a freeloading narcissist.

  2. Narcissist where, he’s a hormonal stoner with absent parents.💀

  3. A stoner blaming her for his problem because she asked him to change while he freeloads and treats her like shit and is unappreciative of her efforts with lack of affection and possibly empathy seems narcissistic to me. Him blaming her for his issues that are his own fault gives me slightly gaslighting vibes.

  4. If we were speaking of an adult male, I’d agree but this is a teenager. It’s not like they are responsible and rational.

  5. Is that this guys real hair??? It is georgeous !!

  6. I honestly don’t think it’s a racist thing. I’m latina. My dad’s family has VERY curly hair, some so much that they grow afros. My mom’s family has straight hair. Both my brother and sister have curly hair, I have straight. I used to LOVE to play with my brother and sister’s hair when they were younger.

  7. This is the cutest thing I’ve read this month. All the best for both of you.❤️

  8. Är nu jävulens advokat, men känner att det är kanske bra med poliser med medmänsklighet? Att gråta när man väl ger ett sådant besked är en sak, göra TikToks en annan.

  9. You literally want to kill someone 🧍🏽‍♂

  10. A future serial killer is just as bad as a pedo-if not worse

  11. ”anyway i would never actually hurt anyone (except him) but i don’t know how to get my anger out.”

  12. They go out have "fun" "getting run through" in their youth and when they age out they wonder why no man wants them. We have a crisis where 50% of the women in the West over 35 are single and childless. They have to import Muslims because they have enough people and destroyed the future of their societies.

  13. Its the other way around. Women don’t want men. And frankly, I understand them because most women with zero mental illnesses and some self respect would rather dip their heads in a bucket of acid than touch you with a pole.

  14. Most Muslim men with zero mental illness and some gheerah would rather dip their heads in a bucket of acid than touching western feminists who think living like sharmouta is freedom.

  15. Aragorn attacked the Nazgul, alone, with a torch and a sword. I mean come on.

  16. I love his wife. She sounds interesting, cool, and disciplined. OP, on the other hand, sounds boring, dull and misogynistic.

  17. Maybe you can move out, but try to send money to your mom? I don’t know if you’re able to. I can sympathise, being from an ethnic household myself.

  18. Okej, hur hade det gått för Ukraina utan västs militära backning?

  19. Ukraina är inte det enda landet i världen. Hur hade Mujahedin sett ut utan västs militära backning? Millitärjuntorna (i plural) i Sydamerika? Saddam Husseins statskupp?

  20. Precis. Eller Vietnam, Rwanda, ISIS, Nanking i kina, serberna på 90-talet osv osv. Folkmord, brott mot mänskligheten och krigsbrott har skett i alla tider över hela världen. Känns som du ser det rätt så svart eller vitt där väst är boven.

  21. Det finns ingen frihet och demokrati med vapenindustrin som finns idag. Jag känner att vi kan gå fram och tillbaka om detta till solen går upp, så jag kommer bara att förtydliga vad jag menar, och sedan avsluta konversationen för att inte slösa mer av våran tid för din och min skull.

  22. Loving people is never a weakness. You are a person, not a machine. I’m not a therapist, but it just sounds like you are just dealing with the grief. A month is not that long ago. Keep working and improving yourself, but don’t discard your relationships.

  23. If I had gone that route, I'd have to mention all contenders to the iron throne (although Rhaenys never put up any challenge).

  24. If Rhaenys & Rhaenyra have million fans I am one of them. If Rhaenys & Rhaenyra have ten fans, I am one of them. If Rhaenys & Rhaenyra have only one fan, that is me. If Rhaenys & Rhaenyra have no fans, that means I am no longer on earth. If the world is against Rhaenys & Rhaenyra, I am against the world.

  25. I actually really like this and appreciate how accurate it is given the description of her in the books. I always thought from how she was described she wasn’t homely but wasn’t someone that anyone called “beautiful” either. Just attractive. I like you included the high cheek bones too

  26. I have read so many stories about absolutely diabolically evil husbands on this subreddit, I just assume they are trolling now.

  27. Har inte sett Get Out, men har sett Us också är av Peele som är super. Är annars inte jättemycket för skräckfilmer.

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