1. In 2022 there's nothing you can do to avoid spoilers, apart from going on total media blackout for long before a game's release, playing it day 1 and rushing through the content.

  2. Your post history is literally you being in multiple games subreddit asking people to decide your main for you lmao

  3. I think I can answer it, I've been joining sos and the game keep making me join quest that was nearly end, it's been like that for 5 quest now, I completely skip mr4 ffs

  4. so because you did that your own skill never really increased, and youll most likely just be deadweight in online quest

  5. ngl it takes about 12 to 15 minutes to do a hunt and if your spending 5 grabing a spritbird i would proberly kick you

  6. you should be fine plus your hr gose up in mr so you can gear up for the big fight at the end of hr

  7. Technically Iceborne added more monsters but the overall roster of World + Iceborne is practically the same number as Rise + Sunbreak, without counting TU's of course

  8. also i mean can we agree that rise has a better line up i mean gore magala astalos, the cenutaur and heritaur

  9. Didn't they say at the beginning that they were tracking the big 3? As in they didn't know where they were yet? Thats what I took at least.

  10. yea so shouldent they keep the hunter on standby so he can depart at a moments notice

  11. Doesn’t make a lot of sense story wise, but it’s also a game dude. They want to ease you into the new rank

  12. i know it just feels werid on how they have the hero of kamura hunting down a great izuchi

  13. Yea what did you expect when buying from an unofficial site with ya credit card?

  14. worst part is he used his credit and not his debit even if he gets his monny back from the bank his credit will still be damaged

  15. Actually you should always use your credit card for online purchases. That way if it is fraud it’s easier to dispute. If you use your debit card that’s your money (cash). Also not sure how their credit would be damaged from this? Fraud doesn’t hurt your credit.

  16. Hate to break it to you but those final boss arms you list aren’t from the final boss and aren’t in the game yet. They were in the original data mine but won’t come out until title update 2 based on the armor Id.

  17. Bloodlust and dereliction should be fine. Both work great with coalition too.

  18. So for my favorite DB setup is dereliction+bloodlust. When you "beat" the bloodlust debuff it heals all your red health which also heals all the damage dereliction has done. Lots of synergy but very high risk/high reward.

  19. Even then I will say Daora will be up there a lot. There's some interesting weapon specific tier 3s but I mostly run Daora. Cham's is only a tier 2 so it's a good all rounder if you don't have a 3.

  20. So their is a tier 3 and that's 25 and then tier 2 that's 15 also can't wait for your review please link me it when it goes up

  21. Daora is a tier 3 that's a 15% boost, there isnt a tier 2 version. Majority of tier 2s are your exploit type decks (fanged, water, wyvern, etc)

  22. My personal evaluation of the skills that might be relevant for damage (sorry for the long post):


  24. huh i guess i was wrong, thank you for pointing it out so i can learn something new about the devients

  25. It's a variant. Deviants (which have only appeared in Generations and Generations Ultimate mainline wise) are essentially a fancy name for super variants like how rare species are essentially a fancy name for super subspecies.

  26. exactly devients, are a subspecis of monsters that have survived an encounter with a hunter, and because of that have evolved, to specfically combat hunters,

  27. Akshually…Malzeno is a 5th gen elder, 🤓

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