Depp/Amber Trial Day 22 megathread

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  1. My heart breaks for women who were around during The War. The Vietnamese War. The Korean War. World War 1 and 2. American invasion of Iraq. Colonial Wars. Any War....women have been raped and shamed and this topic will never be easy. Both these episodes broke my heart so much and I can't imagine what the real life situation was like😪😪

  2. Damn why did Naomi give this subreddit , more substance to hate her, I swr they hate her more than all the rapist and pedophile flying around Hollywood

  3. The Jackson brothers marriage ends up bad, only Marlon Jackson that is still married, the others are divorced, accusations of physical abuse , cheating from their former spouse, not surprised about the divorce, the only marriage they had to look up to was the horrible marriage of their parents, and being in the industry fucked them up, and things I heard happened to them , no wonder each of them are fucked up in their own way

  4. This whole situation is reminding me so much of the Michael Jackson trial 😔

  5. In Michael Jackson trial 2003-2005, no media was on his side, he was painted as a crazy pedophile, even in the newspapers here in Nigeria, the only redemption he received was when he died,unlike johnny who receives media love because he's a white man

  6. I saw on allkpop , just now that more people are coming out , can u post the link

  7. Ok ,if you say so, in my experience as a science student , not all experiment are successful , but it was fun carrying out this particular experiment on you , and seeing your reply. Bye let me go and read some ancient Korean and Chinese history before sleeping, bye have a nice day

  8. Well , they aren't any McDonald's around here , but I do plan on working in a hospital next year, sorry for the harsh replies before .

  9. OH! i remember they called it like charm school or something right?

  10. Yes , j5 were really abused , I heard Micheal danced on hot coal for practice , during their training, their father Joseph was always with the whip , if you make a single mistake , Marlon got the most beating , because he makes a lot of mistakes

  11. Yes it is , I have heard horrible stories about the abuse j5 went through, both physical and mental abuse , it makes me sad , they were just kids, Joseph their father , banned them from calling him Dad, spent the whole childhood of Michael Jackson telling him how ugly he is, and how black he is, and how big he's nose is , make Michael to grow up with inferiority complex

  12. Then don't look at him, don't comment on his pictures, any time you see him skip

  13. I was so surprised to read how many people don't know "When the rain begins to fall", sure it's a very old song, but still especially 80s songs are very recognizable and widely known to this day. I guess i'm just getting too old now 🙃

  14. The way people have been acting and doing the absolute most over an indie/EDM festival that no one cared about until a washed up Disney star decided to make it boho fashion central for the LA insta crowd sheesh.

  15. Vanessa Hudgens is not a washed up star , she is popular, and also has been in Netflix movies, so ur insult isn't justified at all, degrading someone isn't isn't justified

  16. As much as I love Somi, she isn’t solo material and I do believe her popularity would had grown with Itzy. She has a great stage presence and dance? Yes but she can’t take a vocal challenging song. She really wasn’t popular as a solo act she only became super popular with her last release thanks to starving herself, all the praise and articles were about that. Just look at Chungha, she was know to be an all rounder. Wonyoung although she has a sweet voice, it is weak, and that girl was born to be the center of a group. No matter how hard someone practices if they aren’t born with a privileged voice or voice color, they won’t stand out.

  17. Dumb dumb 124 million views, birthday 101 million views, xoxo 87 million views, more 80 percent of kpop groups , if all these views is by starving herself , then all groups won't be struggling to pay off their trainee debts and she has lots of c.fs , jeon somi will always be famous

  18. It's so crazy because I feel like this method really works in terms of public opinion. It reminds me of Michael Jackson, like it's frankly very clear he was a pedophile but you can't say that anywhere on the internet without inviting argument from a mixture of fans and bots

  19. Michael Jackson doesn't need bots , even if he was found on video killing someone , people will still defend him

  20. How kyujin have improved, during that press dance cover, people talking about jinni , but now damn , look her now so much improvement

  21. YGE has always used underhanded practices, now ha bs media play to promote their groups. There is nothing organic about them, which is why a large chunk of people m dislike the duck out of them and their artists. Personally I don’t think artists should be blamed but the company, yep, they need to be boycotted.

  22. Every company do media play, if u are boycotting, I hope you are boycott the entertainment industry as a whole

  23. Don't support him if you want, don't expect others to follow you, personally I love how china was able to turn their poverty around to one of the world power, I just wish my country have half the capacity Chinese government has

  24. I said it before, and I will say again jimmy Kimmel is trash, ain't forgotten about him

  25. Well that’s why she was pushed but it doesn’t ignore the fact that it was legitimate favoritism because employee and manger got down and dirty. Regardless that was intentional while KPop favoritism usually just ends up happening because circumstances like popularity.

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