1. Have you tried the Drybar liquid glass? I saw many mixed reviews so was hesitant to choose it.

  2. Has anyone else been having terrible luck with their add ons? Like items missing or replaced with random stuff in your bags?

  3. The socks are so bad.. if remove if you can

  4. Awe dang it, all I ever read was good reviews. :( I should’ve posted this sooner and taken them out.

  5. I like my socks and I got several pairs because I got a bunch of the boxes they were in the first time.

  6. Hi, if i suscribe today can i choose my products?

  7. ahhh i wish i had that hipdot palette in my choices! debating waiting but worried my ipsy picks will change if i do

  8. I would’ve picked it over the Natasha Denona palette. I had to go with the Dr. Zenovia for that category considering it’s the reason I got a bag this month 😅

  9. Great for naturally curly hair, dry hair, coarse hair, hair with natural coils/permed hair, medium to thick hair, processed/ over-processed hair, dry hair, dried out hair from the beach, frizzy hair, easily breakable hair, and hair that has been bleached a lot. This product is great for people with the types of hair I just mentioned or for people who have some static or dryness after they straighter or curl their hair and only then should use a tiny amount. Hope that helps! (I review products for a living so I am helpful to have around during FFF days!)

  10. Would you happen to know how it compares to the Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil?

  11. Is it your first time? Mine was reactivated after skipping all year lol

  12. Mine’s up now! Hopefully yours is too

  13. Guys anyone know if I have to have an active subscription to get this X? I have mine paused

  14. I got the hair towels and I was really mad at them until I discovered the elastic band that goes over the button. 🤣 I kept trying to just cram the edge of the cloth over the button. I like them pretty well now. I got a different brand in one of the Ipsy bundles and I like it better, but I can't remember what it was 😔 edit: it was the "Act+Acre Intelligent Head Towel" looks like it's still for sale for $12. It's very soft.

  15. YouTuber Alexanderia Ryan has been catching on to Ipsy doing things like this. I watched one of her videos back in March and she was charged for glam bag plus without even being subscribed to it. Apparently this is something they’ve been doing for awhile. Charging for things people wouldn’t be getting, shouldn’t be getting and don’t want.

  16. I was double charged as well and had to put in a PayPal dispute because they told me they'd refund me and never followed through... very irritating. They will try to give you a credit towards your next bag but considering they are a constant mess, I'd push for a refund.

  17. 57-b0m40 this is a code for $15 off I posted it while the 40% off was going on so I don’t think it got used, hope it works! :)

  18. I don’t think they’ve ever sold out. You should be okay if you wait till closer to May, that’s what a lot of people are doing; Including me. The first round of spoilers aren’t great :/

  19. NTA. From what you’ve stated you’ve been more than understanding and they’re taking advantage of you.

  20. I’ve got 4 bags getting ready to expire, please DM me if interested in a free bag. Thanks in advance :)

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