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  1. If you’re fine with being scrawny, you don’t need to take drugs. Just stop where you’re at.

  2. Hate to be negative here but TRT isn’t going to make withdrawal a walk in the park. I was prescribed clonazepam in my early 20s and developed a dependence rather quickly. The 2-3 weeks after stopping were the worst of my life. Tapering your dosage slowly will help. I would also suggest seeing a therapist if you aren’t currently. It’s really tough, but worth it for the sake of getting your life back.

  3. Thank you for your advice. I have my first appointment with a therapist tomorrow. Clonazepam is brilliant for anxiety, but so addictive. I was prescribed it alongside Diazepam in 2012. It was like some kind of miracle drug. But then it stopped working. That was seriously hard to taper. Utter most respect for you getting off it.

  4. Thank you. I hope you’re successful with it too. I definitely think TRT has helped with confidence and anxiety now, but I think you’re probably better off tapering off the benzos before adding other variables. Obviously that’s a discussion to have with your doctor though.

  5. Just got a slingshot. Any advice re use? It’s in my program so I’m after more practical than programming advice.

  6. I usually throw it on 1-2 times per month for some overload work. I’ll hit my top raw set, then add 20 pounds and put on the slingshot.

  7. Damn, I'm really surprised Liver King actually got f**ked over.

  8. I’m pretty confused why he would email Derek, who is known for outing people for usage 😂

  9. Dude you're morbidly obese. Get down to a healthy weight then give it a few months and retest.

  10. Clomid fucking sucks. Some people say it worked but for me it made symptoms way worse. Yes it did increase my testosterone, went from 200-300 to 500ish which made the doctor think it was a great success.

  11. I like 27g 1/2” needles. Insulin needles take a while to draw and I’d rather be done quickly when I’m doing regular injections

  12. Just carry on. How you liking that cycle ? I just ran basically the same thing but added dbol near the end.

  13. DBOL at the end? I can see the rawness there, wouldn’t it dampen the shine of a long commitment to masteron and the aesthetic that is it’s crowning jewel payoff, at least for me? Must’ve been straight no chaser, uncensored power though. How’d it treat you?

  14. Yeah, I wanted to try something a little different. The masteron was used as a “mild” secondary anabolic. I still got nice muscle hardness, insane libido, and some strength off of it, and it kept e2 symptoms away. Definitely lost some of that aesthetic look after 2 weeks of dbol, but my goal was just to put on some quality size/strength without running deca. And the strength jumps in the last 4-5 weeks were pretty insane. Dbol is awesome.

  15. I’d definitely change my vehicle choice if I doubled my salary. Fully loaded trd tundra would be my pick

  16. 20 weeks out from my first meet, but this coming week I'll be starting week 10 of a 16 week program right now (CBB 16). I've made good progress and like the program, but I'm considering finishing the remaining 7 weeks, deload for a week after max tests, then starting a different 12 week peaking program (Brazos Valley). Is that a bad idea/should I just re-run the program I know I respond well to and modify it to 12 weeks? Or cut it short this cycle and restart it 16 weeks out so it aligns with comp day? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

  17. If you’re responding well, I would tweak it and restart. Or find a way to finish it, deload and run the CBB 8 week so it lines up with your meet.

  18. I would pin eod just to not have to deal with the hassle. I’d do two wet orals and worry about the “fat” after the cycle is over. Dbol kickstart then finish with anadrol.

  19. Stalking me lol. You have 3 edits it’s pretty simple and wanted to see your expertise.

  20. I’m all for people being safe. My argument is that 500 isnt inherently unsafe, but people should understand estrogen and AIs and have everything needed before starting a cycle.

  21. How did you figure your dosing for AI when you blasted ? Seems everyone converts estrogen differently and some don’t even need an AI

  22. I got incredibly lucky taking someone else’s advice. I didn’t touch an AI until i noticed some mild sides, which only happened when I added dbol. So I started taking half an adex twice a week at that point. The masteron did a great job of keeping me from experiencing any negative effects from elevated e2. I just started noticing some mild anxiety after a few days on the dbol, and had a weird feeling in my nipples one day so that seemed like a sign

  23. Why is it common that when people bomb out that it’s got to be a potential bias from judges and not either a) he didn’t complete it to standard or b) it was his unlucky day and the calls were bad

  24. It’s not bias. The dude doesn’t squat. He’s not upright at the start, he cuts it high, and he does a good morning on the way up. This shit is more laughable than 2” rom arched bench presses.

  25. I’m personally of the opinion that bias probably does exist but it’s powerlifting- some meets you get lucky calls sometimes bad oh well. I personally don’t understand why he had to rerack 9 times on his first attempt but not his other ones

  26. It’s definitely possible that the head judge wanted to prove a point. But honestly this kid should’ve never gotten a “squat” passed at the local level, it’s amazing he’s on the world stage. What he does isn’t squatting.

  27. Even if my levels are around 1700ng total test? I’m trying to mitigate side effects from to much test.

  28. 200 certainly isn’t too much. The standard advice is 500 for 16 weeks.

  29. The cyclist isn’t in the wrong. Cop was illegally parked.

  30. Why would you do that ? Just take more frequent injections

  31. I’d still do weekly injections. If you just want to use the gel and be supraphysiological for a while, I say go for it

  32. Because people are dishonest with insurance companies when it’s time to file a claim. If you have a police report putting fault on the other party, it’s a safety net to make sure your car actually gets fixed Otherwise assholes run stop signs, give you their name, and then tell their insurance company you causes the accident.

  33. I’m not sure why everyone is mad at the valet. It’s pretty standard practice at hospitals because people park like shit. She entered a valet parking only lot, so he probably filmed the encounter in case she was being a mega cunt, which she was.

  34. I got enough stuff for 20 weeks and ended up wrapping up at 16. The gains slow down at some point and you’ll know it’s time to chill. I got tired of pushing the extra food.

  35. Stay on for more than 2 months this time. 8 weeks isn’t worth a run

  36. A simple Google search will show it to you, hilarious you're having so much difficulty tbh. Just give up, you aren't capable

  37. Thanks for the productive conversation man. I think the OP and I both learned a lot from you. I’ll definitely assume orals are safe for long term use based on your word. 👍

  38. Dont rope OP into you inadequacies. Just because you aren't capable of a simple Google search doesn't mean OP is as bad. I'm sure he along with everyone else has found and enjoyed the study, you continue to sit there totally baffled.

  39. Bro go fuck your self. I asked for you to post the study and you won’t do it. Everything I found on google points to you being wrong, and you’re just being a dickhead. Most things on Reddit can be answered with a google search but we rely on subs to share information quickly and effectively. If you aren’t interested in sharing information why are you in this sub?

  40. Fullness/hardness during cycle. Pretty drastic libido increase. Mild strength gains. It also seemed to keep e2 sides at bay. I was taking 500ish test and 250-300 mast and didn’t take an AI

  41. Pretty astounding that he’s that strong in spite of having the most atrocious squat morning form I’ve ever seen.

  42. 300mg is a baby blast. i dont know what you are expecting from it you are not going to look juiced anyway you need train

  43. I’m actually excited to watch this just for the insanity

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