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  1. If anyone is asking YOU for money for an "amazing opportunity" it's definitely a scam

  2. Moi quand je joue a cities skyline bourré.

  3. I only use one shot drums samples.. I feel like I'll be cheating using a melodic loop and also wouldn't be original, especially if I found it on splice... I d like to do my own loop samples to sell though

  4. After you give birth, your body is flooded with hormones that help you bond with your parasite and help you forget everything you went through. They're not lying on purpose; they honestly don't remember most of the bad things. This is to help perpetuate the species.

  5. It's crazy to think that our bodies know that giving birth is so fucked up that its gonna make you forget about it so you can do it all over again..yikes

  6. Same, I'm in a constant state of confusion..🤣🤣 I will tell shit about them but still, I like them these mfs I can't help it

  7. Well obviously, he's joking.. because a guy who would do that, wouldn't say it

  8. Men, although they pretend to be our protectors will not defend women.. when there's 1 woman every 7 minutes who get raped (just in France, Idk the number in other countries) you wonder where is their so called protection .. don't expect anything from them

  9. I feel like the dude being carried Was actually impressed and enjoyed the ride

  10. Do girls will just pee when they laugh too hard huh? Interesting

  11. AYE! I'm waiting to see if anybody that sees this video can match my musical energy. Who's out there? lol

  12. I play bass (my main instrument), guitar and a tiny bit of piano but improvising or jazz is not something I've learned..let me learn my scales first 😅

  13. I do, and have done for years. Been homeless and underwear wasnt a priority Also my ex never wore it. Now its a habit

  14. "cher compatriotes, a partir de demain, vous ne toucherez plus de salaire et travaillerez gratuitement"

  15. Fais ce que tu veux, tout le monde s'en fout. A moins que tu sois dans un quartier super bourgeois bobo de Paris, les gens ne te calculeront pas

  16. How do people have so many friends and maintain it. Thats so many friends. And all are so happy. That lucky baby is gonna be loved and spoiled rotten.

  17. :joy::joy::joy: that's what I was going to comment .. how does this work ? Please, people who have so many close friends, tell us HOW??

  18. I'd be definitely wondering if she want a friend or more? I'd still say yes cos id be super curious to know 🤣

  19. Unfortunately, yes..if you want people to listen to your music , you're gonna have to mix and master at the industry's standard... It's like if you were going in a waffle shop, you see all these beautiful waffles and one that looks bad, are you gonna buy it or buy one of these beautiful waffle?

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