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Do all kitten farts smell of death? My new kitten’s ass thunder has quite literally(well probably)burned away my brain cells at this point with the smell. Has anyone else had a kitten that passed smelly gas frequently? Photo of the cute convict for evidence lol. I’ll love him thru the farts.

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is this rabies? wtf is happening here?

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  1. Fuck this. I am out of energy fighting against idiocy. We got monkey pox on one side COVID still on the other and now all this government bullshit. I have had enough.

  2. On that note.. how do you get rid of dilated pores.. that are just big 😆😆

  3. Get them extracted and keep going back for extractions. Make sure your professional knows what they are doing and doesn’t damage your skin. Follow their advice and recommendations. After it keeps getting extracted the pore usually will shrink. In extreme cases you may need to see a dermatologist to get the edges cut and stitched back together. My mom had a really large pore on her bra line. It was so big she thought it was a new mole. Nope. Blackhead. I’m an esthetician and pretty good at extractions with minimal damage. Kept extracting it about 1-4 times a month. Is now almost normal sized and barely noticeable. Hydration and moisture is also key to ensuring the skin can properly shrink.

  4. I would say that looks like a thing to show a doctor. Tbh when you are in doubt and something doesn’t look or feel right especially if it starts hurting… see a doc. I have medical peeps in my fam and usually even doctors are gonna wanna do tests to make sure there isn’t something sneaky hiding, like they may not even diagnose it outright. Until you can get to a doctor I would just keep it clean, like don’t put any products or anything on that. Depending on what it is it could agitate it or make it worse

  5. Not a father but my gf has a 10 year old, I just turn off the wifi from my phone if he's being disrespectful, they make it pretty easy to not need to destroy shit.

  6. Pro version: get the MAC addresses for their devices and block only their devices from the router. Wifi for everyone but them. Alternatively change the password if it wouldn’t disrupt other devices you use regularly. But the MAC address thing has been best solution for me

  7. That's essentially what this does but based on hostname. If the 10 year old gets around this, I won't be mad. I'll be impressed and it's time to learn more about computers.

  8. Lol right? My daughter is only seven and already is teaching me new things about apps though 🥹😭

  9. Guess I’ll just die lmao no ruining or advocating for yourself!! That’s Satan talking!

  10. I feel this pretty hard. My fluctuating psoriasis is NOT helping. Caused by stress apparently. Huh BPD and CPTSD golly gee idk where the stress is coming from… seriously just makes every time I look in the mirror like more on the hating myself side but yeah. Best is when you get done up for something and you’re like YEAH GET IT and then 20’mins see yourself again and are like cool I’m never leaving the house again

  11. I only had this issue with one kitten who had coccidia (an intestinal parasite). Good to get a stool sample checked just in case. Other signs are audible farts and blood in poop

  12. Kill your living child? Yea you are a monster and belong in fucking prison

  13. I live a little over 1 hour north of Houston and can tell you what you probably don't want to hear. Probably 100's of them between here and htown. Got camera proof of a mountain lion in ratcliff tx and I've personally seen a mountain lion and melanistic jaguar (aka panther) in woodbranch tx which is about 20-30 mins away from Houston

  14. Yeah only wildcat I’ve ever seen living in Texas was a cougar that stalked me and ex at night when we were attempting to primitive camp in junction. Attempt was quickly aborted lol but yeah even then all we ever saw was it’s eyeshine

  15. Tbh I have done over 8 boxes of hatches for various species with shiny charm and no masuda method and this is typical. Look at the rates. Unless you have hatched anything close to what your rate is… I don’t know why you would expect to have gotten a shiny by now. It takes a lot of patience.

  16. And keep in mind that those are your chances every single time that you hatch an egg the odds don’t stack

  17. Masuda Method The method involves breeding two Pokémon created in games of different languages. An Egg resulting from such a pairing has an increased chance of 1 in 683 (or 1 in 512 with the Shiny Charm) of containing a Shiny Pokémon

  18. Edit: thought you were op. Don’t really understand why you’re attacking me since I didn’t say shit to you but ok

  19. Can you at least call me by my full name? It’s fatty fatty boombalatty duh

  20. So much this. Had an ex who told me that even if I had PTSD it didn’t matter because it would never be as severe as his. He claimed to have gone to war in Iraq/Afghanistan and have combat related PTSD, so clearly his was worse and more severe. I later was diagnosed with CPTSD and found out he was never even deployed to a war zone. Fun times.

  21. My dad did a lot worse stuff so I wasn’t ever really concerned about it as a kid but he did this too. I really can’t be tickled in playful way because of it. I mean like sometimes it was fun because he would chase us around and stuff but like he would never stop when we asked him to and there was no safe word for lack of a better term so if we were really asking him to stop he wouldn’t. It’s hard to pinpoint this as a reason for boundary issues which I struggle with a LOT because of other abuse I dealt with as a kid but yeah I do see this as abusive. Anything that breaks boundaries that someone sets is not okay. Yeah these things can be traumatizing or damaging to varying degrees but that doesn’t mean it’s more or less ok. I actually didn’t think much about it until I started playing with my daughter by tickling her. If she asks to stop I stop (although sometimes she will get me to start again if she’s really being playful). Just as an aside on a cheerier note I have these little animals I make with my hands and the one that tickles is called “tickly worms.” It’s like wiggly fingers lol. That’s how I usually know if my daughter is in that kind of a playful mood, she will ask to talk to the tickly worms haha. It’s my way of breaking the cycle of disregarding boundaries.

  22. I think dark blue roots with light blue ends. Darker roots and lighter ends is just a better look imo

  23. Agree. Make sure you really like blend between the colors so it’s not a harsh line though

  24. Aaaaand now I’m gonna be asking my very right wing extremist father to help me pay for tubal ligation because FUCK this. I would like to thank the older generations sincerely for destroying our environment, taking away all the rights we worked hard to even get and not giving a flying fuck in the meantime since they’ll be mostly dead in 20 years. But go ahead and tell me how I “won the lottery” being born in the USA.

  25. No and the ones who act like they do are in denial this is happening. My mom voted on both sides depending on the issues. She was an OB nurse and is pro choice. I told her they were going to abolish roe v wade “no they won’t” later I told her see? I told you so “oh well there were a lot of problems with that law” then I told her mom they are going to try and kill women to get them to conform and to save babies the state won’t care for anyway or who aren’t even viable “they will NEVER do that”. The denial is so strong with these people it makes me sick. They don’t WANT to open their eyes.

  26. We'll never admit this, but we'd be lost without them.

  27. Yeah it rains in the areas around corpus but it’s like it hits the coastal area then just dissipates. Glad other areas are getting rain though everything was getting pretty crispy lol

  28. How far south? I'm at the tip and have never seen this.

  29. Can we like…kick Texas out of the Union? Amputate the gangrenous limb, so to speak?

  30. No please we need help. The majority of Texas is not okay with the things that are happening but our state is cutting off the people that would vote against this off from resources and ability to affect change and vote. We need help.

  31. What the literal fuck is happening i am so terrified about what in going on in this country I don’t know what to even do. I feel paralyzed by shock and anxiety.

  32. This screams of a narcissistic, negligent parent(s) to me. Well at least emotionally negligent to me. . . . It's interesting that every one of them acts out in extremely attention getting or defeatist ways. Have you ever talked to your children as people with their own perspective on growing up without dismissing them or making excuses for yourself? Can they open up to and confide in you without you telling them in what ways they're fucking up, should do better, or just don't meet your expectations?

  33. Was thinking the exact same thing because this sounds just like my family. My other siblings are doing better than me (I have some very serious trauma/mental illness that makes it very difficult for me currently to function in day to day life) but even my lawyer sister isn’t good enough for my dad and all of us have behavioral issues. I’m the oldest so my dad blamed all their bad behavior on me. Funny I wasn’t the only or primary role model…. So yeah tbh this post seems fishy and I don’t think we are even getting close to the whole story because all these kids seem to be lost in trying to escape something.

  34. I’ve found quality is better than quantity. Crappy makeup creases more, doesn’t blend as well doesn’t apply as well…. Get 2-3 neutral shades that work well with your eyes and skin tone and build from there is my advice :)

  35. Brown widows are invasive. They started moving into our area probably 10 years ago. They're native to South America.

  36. TIL they are invasive. And actually I read from multiple sources that their venom is actually much more potent than a black widow but they tend to not inject nearly as much so the bites are milder.

  37. Yeah my parents house gets COVERED in them. Apparently wolf spiders naturally prey on them so even if they look intimidating DONT kill the wolf spiders. Usually if it gets too bad my parents get the outside of the house sprayed. Sorry you’re dealing with this, it does seem to be seasonal but super annoying

  38. These guys always mix me up because of their appearance and their threat displays :/ need to get better at IDing

  39. And Jim down. Someone constantly playing pranks would get old fast.

  40. You might have to beat Silent Schemes to get the new research (previously you needed to beat any active rocket research to get the new one), but Misunderstood Mischief shouldn't have any effect on your ability to get it as it isn't classed as rocket research.

  41. Yes, seven colored shadow is a rocket research. You have to finish it to be able to start the new rocket research.

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