1. By using a thimble before you insert your dick.

  2. packaging won't be durable for the sake of going green, It's her fault she should have supported the bottom.

  3. It’s also to counter the the force of the wind on the sail(s) at speed. The tiller determines direction.

  4. Can you get hated for snoring? or is it quite normal given everyones fatigued and might just passed out and sleep through it? What attire would you be sleeping in?

  5. Don't anticipate results after a few workout sessions, I found that to be very demotivating. Just know that it's working and you'll only see the results after a certain time. It's not something you do and forget about after a while, It's a life style.

  6. Ok so I was thinking of short cycling as I’m on-off-on-off as you were using it. If you can see it coming up to pressure and staying there and then see the pressure slowly come down with no usage, it’s definitely a leak. Bad foot valve or something else. I have a spring and the original owner put one way valve before the filter. That valve would get dirty with all the crap a spring produces and develop slow leaks. I put a new valve AFTER the filter and I haven’t had to change it since.

  7. I appreciate your thought and input, Thanks. I'll look in to those as well.🖖

  8. Im also curious what others say about the pressure tank being two stories above the pump. Maybe that’s fine, but I’ve never seen a setup like that. Usually the pump is on top of the tank.

  9. we just bought the house the pump use to be at the roof top as well along with the pressure tank sucking water two stories down we had a plumber visit it when it broke down he basically said not of it makes sense, We tried to located the plumber who designed it in the first place but he moved. So we had to redo it to how it is now.

  10. If you pulled the foot valve, go ahead and change it just because, but in many, they need backpressure to seal completely.

  11. Thought it might not be broken, as you advised I'll change it as it's old and the strainer like cover is gone anyways.

  12. Help! Does anyone have a light fitting like this any know how to undo it? I’ve tried twisting it, but it just spins and doesn’t unscrew. I’ve tried pushing it and then twisting, but that doesn’t work either. I initially thought the mark on the metal band was a screw, but it’s not.

  13. Have you tried that the Oil Cleansing Method?

  14. After the YOU session, you'll also have the medical and psych examinations, then the pre-enlistment fitness test. Also, depending on the role you apply for, you may need to attend a secondary aptitude test.

  15. Another question if you don't mind: How long would be the interval between the YOU session and the latter of subsequents to the YOU session?

  16. Unfortunately that's a hard one to estimate. Every application is different. It was just under three years from YOU session to recruit training for me personally, and I have mates that were through in less than 2 months.

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