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  2. How has Quinn reached the last 2? Truly surviving as a least unlikeable rather than most interesting character.

  3. I've read different things about the blinds and I'm a bit confused. On the one hand, you're playing OOP so you should be tight. On the other hand, you've got good pot odds (especially in BB) oftentimes.

  4. In tournaments, you defend BB wide against a single raiser because of excellent pot odds with Antes in play. You end up losing and folding flop most times, but since you typically only need to 20-25% equity, you only need to win 1 in 4 times and most hands do this. Multi-way defends you need to be more selective.

  5. Whoever voted for Bo-Katan, can go say it to her face and see if they still have the same opinion afterwards or have had some sense knocked into them :)

  6. The problem is that the term racism is being used for 2 separate but related concepts -

  7. Although as an absurdist, I in no way believe in God, this argument is an example of the single cause fallacy - for example we can write

  8. After seeing my boy the Grand Inquisitor done dirty in Kenobi I'm real scared for Thrawn in Ahsoka

  9. I beat Bo-Katan in a duel and now she's trying to overthrow me by claiming I'm not 'pure Mandalorian' or whatever. What the hell is she saying?

  10. Am I the only one who comes out with an uplifting feeling after seeing all of clone wars?? He wasn’t joking.

  11. And if that wasn't bad enough we had to sit through 4 episodes of the Martez sisters too 😞

  12. Miracleman (Marvelman in UK) is awesome. This comic plus V for Vendetta was what propelled Moore to stardom in UK and prompt DC to give him the creative freedom on Swamp Thing and Watchmen they helped usher in the modern comic book era.

  13. Thank you for your comment! yep it seems like it's about getting to know myself with time :)

  14. I was diagnosed 17 years ago. The first few months are about acceptance - you have to come to terms with having a lifelong serious illness and a label that scares some people. We go through the stages of grief.

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