1. Hello my Alma, IL buddy. Unfortunately, I am still waiting on the fedex truck to bring me mine today. It's at least out for delivery.

  2. Hope you get yours today, yesterday It was supposed to came and I got a text saying "Attempted delivery" so I was like hold up, I did not hear the door ring, knock or nothing so I knew that was a lie. Then later on a get another notification saying Operational delay something like that. I'm thinking they were short staff and didn't have anyone on the route so mines was delivered today.

  3. Let’s go boys mine just shipped 512GB purchased September 12th going to Georgia

  4. where is everyone getting these? i only seem to find them on ebay

  5. Crazy people can’t buy their own stuff and want to steal people items that they work hard for.

  6. Funny while I was doing a block, I saw a package on top of the mailbox…smh

  7. I’m thinking next Monday. But I’d say a small chance could be this Thursday. Or next Thursday at the latest. Thoughts?

  8. Right behind you I order June 1 and im predicting Monday if we can keep the same percentage from this week

  9. 84.83%, went up 10% from last thursday, praying for next week.

  10. I’m right behind you 84.12%..probably Monday if we can move 9% more.

  11. Yeah I know, but I'm just pissed and needed to rant

  12. I would rather have FedEx than Lasership, they are horrible and Nike use them and many people have “lost”Jordan’s or they stole them

  13. wait I think I know that airport…

  14. It’s crazy - pre-ordered August 22, 2022. Not long ago - tracker says I’m at 32% already?!

  15. Glad they are pushing it for the holidays. I should get mines next month. I pre order in June.

  16. US , 64gb , email just came. Pre-ordered Feb 9th.

  17. Oh wow I pre order in June, may get my email at the end of the month or early September

  18. Thanks everyone. This is the first time in the history of Ga lottery 1111 fell.

  19. When your trash compactor is up front and you stay in the back. I use my scooter also😂😂😂

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