1. When was this taken, most of the 320 has gone through retrofitting, it's probably a 190 which will be retiring from service soon

  2. Well it is in broken English so it would not be a good idea to give them your payment or personal information. Best case scenario is you receive a shitty quality jacket from China that falls apart in a month

  3. Wasn’t planning on buying anything from them but was confused on why a $100 jacket was $5

  4. Thank you! I thought it was fake because the jacket was like $5 for a $100 jacket but I also wanted to check!

  5. No they didn’t. They may have sold you a ticket for a flight that was ultimately cancelled, but airlines don’t sell flights that don’t exist. OTAs in the other hand… wouldn’t put it past some of them.

  6. Not necessarily. I’ve had dozens of flights in the past two years canceled and been rebooked on something else, or in a couple cases, not even rebooked. The majority of those were only found by my frequent checking of reservations, not due to an email or other notification.

  7. I got the confirmation that morning an hour before my flight that it was on time. I got to get the airport and they told me that “this flight never existed” and couldn’t find it anywhere. I was put on another flight but that doesn’t explain why they had it on their app

  8. Lol - I haven't seen Delta (or any airline, for that matter) stop anyone from bringing just about anything on board. It's ridiculous what people schlep on as carry-on.

  9. Spirt does it all the time it kinda funny though because they are cheaper at the beginning and end up being the same price as delta at the end

  10. Curious as well, why would you think this is rejecting?

  11. it isn't, why do you think that (genuinely curious) ?

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