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  1. I see a lot of Spraying here in Myrtle Beach SC I have a lot of pictures I posted before and got a response of it being a cirrocumulus cloud. There have been 12 new cloud formations in the last 20 years discovered go figure

  2. Keep donating that money baby! Surely we’ll get to the bottom of this if we all just keep donating to the stop the steal fund!

  3. Just found out Walmart sells silver a roll of junk guarters for 248.69 for a roll of 20 I got a roll and Buffalo rounds for $25.34 a piece man that's a good deal and theres no up charge for using a credit card

  4. That’s a falcon with its wings folded

  5. Thanks I ask a lot of people to no avail your answer seems dead on make sense we have a lot of falcons here

  6. I forgot to add if you click the pic the clouds expanding look very strange like sound waves

  7. Just got another 20 oz I'm up to 560 oz now trying to do my part maybe someday I'll be a KING KONG SUPER APE👊👊👊💪💪🤑

  8. I hope it’s not what I think it is. No return after this cabal ritual. I hope that he just got into a bar fight.

  9. I 💘 the chunky bars just got a 20 oz today up to 500 oz HI Ho SILVER AWAY

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