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  1. Is not free will the ability to freely choose between multiple options? Let's say there are 4 doors that you can go through. God knows you go through the second door, and you know that he's telling the truth that he does in fact know.

  2. My definition of freewill is "Making your own choice with no gun on your head or no one pushing behind your back. Anything that anyone in whatever universe knows is none of our business"

  3. Well, I respect your definition of free will. But it doesn't match what the philosophers and important religious people would describe it as

  4. I would disagree that God knowing is a metaphorical gun pointed at my head because I believe that knowing is not controlling, but agree to disagree πŸ˜‚

  5. Now I know I'm not the only one annoyed at that troll. Before anyone says anything I already blocked the troll.

  6. University's foundation. You go straight to uni if you passed and you already know most people.

  7. School education. The kids should be taught about nutrition and fed balanced meals since a young age.

  8. It needs to start well before school age. And honestly, the school can’t MAKE them eat healthy. My kids have literally been eating only frozen fruit cups since I sent them back to public school because they don’t want to eat the other stuff, despite our heavy family emphasis on healthy, well rounded foods. They also have all of 15 minutes to get their food and eat. It takes them an hour to eat at home, they’re not actually gonna eat anything good in 15 minutes.

  9. They should get longer lunch time at least one hour. I watched freaky eaters and most of the food addiction started in school even though they've been eating well at home.

  10. Buku apa ni? Wow. Semua guru perlu dihormati. Guru itu pekerjaan yang mulia.

  11. Yes. Personally I don't have to cook lunch and dinner everyday. I just cook 4-5 portions of food and store them in the fridge to eat later. It's best to only buy what you need except ingredients you can store in the freezer.

  12. Will Parliament function effectively if everyone speaks their own language, because they are proud of their mother tongue?

  13. The country's official language, not mother tongue. Other diverse countries use one language to speak to each other. Why can't malay language among malaysians?

  14. "You forgot to put the toilet seat down for the hundredth time, so eff you"

  15. KWOOWK, Doobydobap, emojoie, Preppy Kitchen, Nino's Home, Andy Cooks, Cooking with dog, everydaygourmettv

  16. Reminds me of that guy who had his face with both hand guns on his head advertised everywhere until it was revealed that he bought degree certificate

  17. Where I'm from we call this BBNU πŸ˜‚ (kid just got their tools)

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