1. When i turned my phone off she had a panic attack and called me 15 times and sent 30 texts :( Then cockblocked me screaming at me to come home at like 11pm.

  2. If they were offered free, then they would all be gone. So it would need to be replenished daily, maybe multiple times a day. I mean, it’s good that people are using them, but left out in the open they’d all be gone within an hour.

  3. All of these answers are wrong- if you dig a 5x5x5 hole, there is no dirt in it, you already dug the dirt out.

  4. I hate the color scale. Why did they make it so confusing?!?!

  5. DIY BDSM. Too many people end up in the hospital because they tried to build something themselves without understanding the safety features it needs.

  6. Yeah. I live in a country that spends a shit ton on infrastructure, so I was really confused for a second on “roads suck and have potholes.” Like no, good asphalt exists! You just have to spend more on it unfortunately

  7. Axtually, you have to spend less. Letting cracks and potholes exist in-repaired quickly depletes the durability of the road, costing more money in the long run.

  8. I genuinely think eyeball discoloration will be a thing as soon as somebody finds a way to monetize it.

  9. Fun fact! “Drying” cement is actually curing, and can burn your skin. Badly.

  10. Sorta/kinda? It’s a pretty permanent solution to the problem, but it does indicate that the foundation has had issues in the past.

  11. Is there actually a difference between the two im curious

  12. Yeah, mens deodorant smells like MANLY MUSK and METAL and is in TACTICAL GREY PACKAGING!!!

  13. What does enby deodorant smell like?

  14. Idk but I wish I could just smell like a tree. That’s all I want.

  15. Suggestion- go on psychologytoday, search for therapists that are accepting new patients and take the insurance you have, and then email them all and ask about their views on being trans, including whether they support medical transitioning for younger teens etc, get a feel for what they really think.

  16. Congratulations! Getting an apartment is a big step, I hope y’all make tons of good memories there!

  17. Meds are not a fix for depression. They were never meant to be. Just like how paracetamol isn't supposed to be a cure for recurring headaches

  18. Sure, but insulin is a “cure” for diabetes. If an organ doesn’t work right, medication may be the best way to treat it.

  19. We've had many conversations about what happened and what caused it, I didn't let her off easy and she knows that what she did was unacceptable. She been working on herself and recently started going to therapy

  20. As someone who is still with a partner who cheated once, the distrust didn’t go away until my partner showed that they had changed and grown enough to never do something like that again.

  21. There are definitely portable GFCI units, and they would be a good idea. Not sure how likely you are to die though.

  22. If she’s hitting me, I will punch back

  23. It’s always funny when someone posts something like this.

  24. It’s a medical term. It’s not meant to degrade anyone but bring awareness to a potential health issue…?

  25. A majority of health issues obese people suffer from can be cured by weight loss.

  26. A number of health issues obese people suffer can be alleviated by weight loss, but that doesn’t mean a majority can.

  27. Unless you’re using your toilet paper holder as an accessibility bar, it should not need blocking.

  28. You might be going through withdrawal right now, but yeah, untreated ADHD is a disability for a reason.

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