1. Same bro my wife opened it up for me on face time I saw the chase made her close it up and put it back in the box lol congrats on the great grab

  2. Still an awesome score, no where locally sells sodas around here.

  3. Yeah I have a hard time finding them myself this is actually my first soda and Boba is my favorite character so I had to snag it

  4. Took a weekend vacation and found a store that sold pops, super overpriced and nothing but commons. Had 20 sodas on only 2 of the cans weren't damaged. Boba international and spiderman, jumped all over them lol. Neither were chases but I didn't care.

  5. This is actually on my weekend trip lol and yeah most of the local places around me tend to be a lil over priced as well but occasionally I’ll find some pretty cool stuff nothing I’m particularly looking for but cool stuff none the less

  6. I really appreciate that I’ve been getting a lot of shit and I don’t know why.

  7. They didn’t even put insoles in my Jordan 1s so consider yourself lucky!

  8. I appreciate it! I’ll definitely post in here when they get released! If you’re at all curious to check out the insta here’s the link:

  9. Buying based on thc % is for children. Terps matter people. If you just want potency just do dabs like and adult

  10. Damn I'm bout to call my ex up and ask her to get matching Pattas with me now 😭

  11. Crazy thing is the only ones we’ve tried to match was the mochas the rest have just managed to find a matching pair along the way lol

  12. Looking at this hurt my eyes! Please find a better way to organize🙏🏼

  13. You guys don’t like how i store my shoes. Noted! Comment below your suggestions plz

  14. These are what I use if your willing to spent the money they also have other colors but they work great and stack nicely

  15. It’s got some of my favorite colors in there so when I saw em at my local shop it was a no brainer I had to snag em and they were nice enough to throw the couple vintage tees in that I was lookin at

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