1. Who has the tech to be able to go down there and set a charge to blow the pipe line? The list can't be that long! LOL

  2. Bro its not that deep I'm pretty sure anyone that knows how to dive properly and had a couple explosives could easily do it...

  3. My point is valid. The list would be short. Deep diving skills and access to explosives. Not anyone can just go to the grocery store and pick those up. Duh!

  4. Definitely stay in, you need my babies, they'd be GORGEOUS ;)

  5. Weird that they didn't have a color for a storm surge half the height of the US record set in 2005, or a similar record set in 1969. Or even the 14 foot surges seen in Sandy in 2012. Or the 15-20 foot surges from Ike in 2008. I get this hurricane is big, but these numbers should not be "surprising" to anyone, and one would certainly hope our national weather services have the capacity to project for events that have happened multiple times over the last 50 years.

  6. Ahhh there it is, had to scroll down to see the same comment I just made.

  7. Huh!?! Katrina had a higher storm surge than that. As with other hurricanes. Why are people acting like this is the worst they've ever seen? No one remembers hurricane Andrew at least?

  8. Damn. Can I take the dildo's place?

  9. hands!?! Sheeesh looks like almost the same people...?

  10. Maybe someone should tell them people in Bellevue prefer their little bubbles, they would be more effective to protest in Seattle.

  11. White = skinniest, Grey = medium, Black = biggest. Why? Looks like three different people. I always would choose skinniest and smallest FTW!

  12. I'd fuck you anywhere! GORGEOUS!

  13. We hate fake …. Eyelashes, makeup, hair extensions….. just be natural and real instead of being something you’re not 😊

  14. ....she's wearing fake glasses and her head is about to fall off.

  15. What!?! You in love with yourself? Wierd fetish.

  16. GORGEOUS! Your hip bones are hella sexy. You should wear leggings to show them off.

  17. Damn. She drops that halla hard! Hard skinny body, SO hot!

  18. Sounds like you need a better modem or router other than the comcrap.

  19. I don't get how it connects to the frame? The focus looks to be about your 3d print standoff, but how do the zip ties connect to the frame?

  20. Damn. Those are some nice tits.

  21. Damn. That was impressive! Too bad he's now out of gas.

  22. LOL How do you view php with ftp? Aren't you just looking at the code? Is this a serious post?

  23. LOL stereotypes and/or passing judgement.

  24. Definitely an escalation. Putin looks SO desperate.

  25. Holy fuck! I can't do that. Crazy!

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