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  1. Is there a alternative I can’t find anything local

  2. I used baking soda and coffee grounds, kept them in separate bowls and changed them out every couple days. Worked well to absorb and mask the smell.

  3. Not everyone has a peephole - don’t have it my place nor the last place I lived!

  4. Not even a window? Might want to check local laws about that.

  5. Door is glass with privacy film, and the angle of the house makes it impossible to see the front door from the other windows (unless you stick your head out!)

  6. how pissed is she gonna be when in 3-6 months the promotion never came.

  7. Learned this the hard way. No matter how likely it seems, it’s never a sure thing.

  8. ONCE AND FOR ALL - FINANCIAL ILLITERACY IS NOT A GENERATIONAL THING. I heard that whole tax bracket thing from my boomer dad for years.

  9. Yeah, when I was 20 I heard this from my ex’s dad as to why he didn’t want to make more money.

  10. I don’t have a core group of close friends who are all close with each other. I have some groups of friends in which people have 1-2 close friends within the group. Most of my friends are people I met at different places and may or may not know my other friends - sometimes I’ll mix them but usually it will be a smaller hangout with just us and maybe our partners. I think it evolved this way for me because I’m an introvert and prefer smaller hangouts vs group hangouts.

  11. I promise you, Certain Dri was a game changer for me. You can get it at pretty much any big box store or grocery store.

  12. I used drysol, and another tip is to wash your armpits 2x the morning after. Learned the hard way it can ruin fabrics!

  13. Vacuum. Every year on Black Friday I say no because it’s too expensive. This is the year!

  14. So, this is a shameful plug, and I’m sorry. How can I not comment? We’ve been a dealer for Miele vacuums for the past 25 years. And I can tell you, the deals this year are not great. The best models are not going to be on sale “officially”. But approach your local dealer and ask for deals on models that are not advertised. Also check us out

  15. Oops, should have rechecked this comment before buying! Happy to give business to your site and support local companies.

  16. Dwight isn't just "on the spectrum." He behaves like a psychopath. He should be in prison. We forgive it because it's a tv show. The people who get mad at Jim for pranking Dwight are weirdly selective about what they take seriously (and what they don't) in the world of the Office.

  17. The question is about a character that everyone loves - I don’t know anyone who loves Dwight and I definitely don’t excuse his behaviour. However, rewatching the show I realize how immature Jim is and changed my opinion of him.

  18. Seems like a lot till I read what you do for work. Makes sense to wash clothes after one wear. For towels, I do them weekly but face towels more often. Mattress topper and duvet each month seems like a lot unless you sweat at night.

  19. I have intense body odour. So the armpit area of clothes and pants near my feet start smelling very quickly. I also sweat a lot.

  20. Have you tried hand sanitizer on the areas that get smelly? Once a year or so I get intense body odour in my pits and showering only makes it go away for a short while - it would come back day after day. Turned out the bacteria was intense and the hand sanitizer was able to kill it. Not sure if you have the same issue, but doesn’t hurt to give it a try if you haven’t already.

  21. No, I do too. I’m pretty busty and need the support. I take it off only when I have to.

  22. I was the same way - but envied those who didn’t need bras. Not wanting to take it off was a necessity, not a « love » though!

  23. Im sure this has already been posted here but I feel I should comment.

  24. Your comment is reminded me why I was vegan for many years, and how I should be stricter in my diet. Thank you - those animals go through hell for us to enjoy (and honestly waste) food that they unwillingly produce.

  25. This is so much me. I'm aware of this and I try my best to curb the behavior. I can be a nervous talker and awkward silence makes me extremely uncomfortable. But my problem, and I know it's a problem, is that I tend to talk about myself instead of focusing on the other person. For example, if someone tells me they went to Florida for vacation, instead of asking them about the details, I start talking about how I lived there and what it was like growing up on an island, and by the time I'm finished I realize I completely hijacked their conversation and steered it towards me. I do this all the time and I want to break the habit. I also want to be an active listener, but what my brain is doing is listening for things that I can relate to, and then I switch the conversation back to me. It's a very bad habit and one I'm trying to break. Is there any tips other than to just keep my mouth shut and my ears open?

  26. Hey, I used to be the same way and have largely changed, even though I do still slip into it sometimes. The big things that helped me are:

  27. I understood it as they had another friend with similar chemistry, that they ended up dating/marrying. But maybe it is Jim!

  28. That's usually me as well. But I've noticed people still in cars after long periods (3 hours)

  29. Are you also sitting in your car for 3+ hours too? Or you just see the same people when you pass by a 2nd time?

  30. Is it just me, but doesn’t her thigh gap look heavily edited?

  31. Je viens de la trouver pour $4.50 à IGA ce soir. La dernier fois elle était $2.50.

  32. Same, hated pride and prejudice! Smoked pot to get through it (required reading in high school). I found it so boring.

  33. 9 max, 10 makes it sound fake, yes?

  34. Ok that wasnt a 'nice dinner', that exact meal is the most basic dinner/probably my most common meal in college

  35. Plus all the food wasn’t even going to be ready to eat during dinner - those sweet potatoes 😂

  36. In Matt’s defense, he was thrown by a calf when he was a little boy. Anything he does to calves now is just him getting over being hurt, not really his fault.

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