1. Walleye fisherman freak out about musky here. Someone is always going to be a shithead looking to blame others for not catching stuff. Just focus on your fishing and get as good as you can.

  2. Fuck man the entire Albertan government is apparently run by those sorts of walleye extremists. The way they regulate things makes it seem like they are prepared to sacrifice literally every fish species in the province for their stupid walleye.

  3. I think Ricky Simon completely stopping the Jack Shore hype deserves some more attention

  4. I didn’t ever really rate him that much earlier on but he’s been surprising the shit out of me with how much he’s grown in his more recent showings

  5. Thank you. How much do you figure the fish in the pic weighs?

  6. Probably a solid 2.5-3lbs. In my experience perch are surprisingly dense. I used to catch bigass ones on Lesser Slave and they were smaller than this but felt like they were made out of lead and would usually be over 1.5-2lbs.

  7. Seriously, sometimes you swear you hooked into an alligator or something, only for it to be a little lardass of a perch

  8. Can confirm, got stuck in a good one once and felt like the roof of my mouth was in my brain for like a day afterwards

  9. It's been two years since I did any BJJ, mounted guillotine used to be a pretty reliable sub for me. I would get it as a counter to single leg takedown.

  10. That’s makes sense. It was the guys I trained with who were all wrestlers instead of me, so I got quite a few opportunities to work an FHL game in response to takedowns (when they didn’t just run over me like a freight train) but I was always more inclined to go for any of the inverted arm triangles like D’arce/anaconda etc instead of gillies because my fucking ape arms make it tough to not leave too much room down there with a guillotine. I eventually learned a few ways to make it better before I largely quite doing any BJJ, but like I said, I was usually happier to use it to get mount and then bail on it, and from there it was a 50-50 chance that I’d either work my top game which was the only thing I was decent at, or do something stupid like a mounted triangle (or mounted gogoplata back when my knees and hips worked and I spent most of an entire summer working on that stupid shit).

  11. Kinda does need a rematch, Glover was dominating that fight and then got caught at the end.. sort of like how Anderson got the triangle on Chael so late, it needed a rematch..

  12. You know that Chael didn’t get an instant rematch with Anderson, right?

  13. we've already seen the fight once, let other contenders get their shot. Lets just make Oliveira v Chandler II for the vacant belt instead of Islam since its more entertaining?

  14. Everyone who loved Lawler vs. Rory better not be in support of this fight, we only got that fight because of fan backlash against another potential Lawler-Hendricks fight.

  15. Who the fuck actually think “durability” is something you can design into a plane and actually get some form of return from. The A-10 is like the top end of that scale and it’s proofed against small arms and maybe some smaller cannon rounds, that’s it. And even then, it isn’t designed to tank hits, its just a contingency for the fact that being slow and imprecise keeps it in the enemy’s threat envelope for far longer than anything else and is more likely to get shot up and need to limp home. A-10tards think armour = designed to tank hits and keep going. It actually means “limp home and hopefully save the pilot while the plane is scrapped”

  16. This was an answer to a question that I asked and I liked it for the most part. I've seen some comments on here about how Usman's style has changed under Whitman and how it isn't quite the positive as it seems, and after some consideration and rewatching some fights, inspired the question.

  17. This was a good question to ask and I have to agree with Luke in that you can’t deny that him cleaning up his punching mechanics was anything but a positive but its the conceptual approach that he’s been using under Wittman that makes me much less confident in him for this fight and I think the Burns and second Colby fights are good indicators of him drawing the wrong conclusions and almost being misled.

  18. He already told Dana he’s coming back

  19. Think it’s a juvenile Atlantic salmon but its hard to too it apart from a juvenile brown trout, especially in an anadromous population (aka sea trout) because they are really closely related and anadromous browns/sea trout take on pretty similar colourations sometimes

  20. Brown trout parr and sea trout parr are generally close as they haven’t differentiated due to salt exposure. At least in my experience.

  21. You are correct about the colouration, it is dictated by environment as development progresses. Dunno why I said that lol.

  22. Would probably be impossible to get any meat off of. You could try swallowing it whole or pickling it or something if you’re really hungry

  23. That’s insane. A bigmouth that big could easily be almost a hundred years old.

  24. Rockhold already seemed slow and had cardio issues in that fight.

  25. Honestly these were both guys with insanely short primes and were both approaching shopworn territory by the time they became prominent fighters.

  26. “Show me something the Chris! A few convulsions or twitches is fine tho”

  27. BJ Penn but he went back for round 2 and got the W showing the bar crowd his warrior spirit.

  28. The most braindead take I’ve seen here yet. Aldo is exactly the reason why the only “elite FW’s” you know are from 6 years into his title reign. Mendes wasn’t elite? Edgar and TKZ weren’t elite?

  29. For some reason Aldo haters always make the same hilarious argument which is basically to define “best FWs” as “beat Jose Aldo” and then claim Aldo was never the best FW.

  30. Aldo throws every punch and kick with 100% power. He doesn't know how to throw measured strikes. This is why his conditioning has always been a problem. Holloway simply pokes with 50% effort jabs and Aldo counters with death strikes (and misses), Holloway comes out on top in terms of energy conservation.

  31. Hard to tell because the photo is a little out of focus near the rear wound but it looks more like a viral or fungal infection like EUS or something or a secondary bacterial infection from a wound.

  32. In thats case, if I touch it with my hands im in danger?

  33. Probably not, I’ve not heard of anything like that being transferable to humans but I would avoid handling it too much and wash my hands after just in case

  34. If you think this is freaky, check out what happens to them after they spawn (google “zombie fish”)

  35. I recently got my girlfriend in to hockey and she was so puzzled watching the NHL commissioner get booed everywhere he goes.

  36. Oh man the Bettman boos almost lifted the roof off Rogers Place last time I was there

  37. They were straight up vicious to him at the Bell Centre this year for the draft. I love it.

  38. Heavyweight has always been 2-5 guys at the top who were elite and a bunch of fatasses throwing haymakers beneath them. I think now, the smaller more athletic guys are cutting to LHW.

  39. This is why I always roll my eyes when people say heavyweight has “evolved” and its “so much better now”.

  40. She has had a rough go of it lately. Might be time to hang it up. Two losses, neck injury, missing weight too

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