1. This happens to this app a lot. Please contact your provider and see if they recommend an app for their service or just try using tivimate which is a 1000x better than this app

  2. Where's the comments it says three people have

  3. Doesn't surprise me 😂. Try to sell to an angry dude

  4. All were trying to sell services, we don’t allow it here. People should remember this is a post/comment approved subreddit only and mods aren’t always online.

  5. The irony the original post has been removed by copyright claim...

  6. Yes, we filed a counter response to this with Reddit as we are only commenting on the article, we don’t pretend to be torrent freak. They represent themselves as a public news source, so they should expect comments and links to their articles. They are acting like they don’t believe in fair use or free speech as they recently turned off comments on their website. We are disappointed they would file a copyright complaint.

  7. If your budget can afford it, Sony Bravia is the best as it’s a true android OS,but most smart TVs would best be used with an external android device that have more Ram And processing power

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